Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank You, Spook (& Dad)

So, last Friday, after picking up Princess at mom's and having lunch, she helped me tape... A LOT of tape... I've decided Frog tape sucks, and I love painter's Blue tape. I also love Amy Matthews .

Princess and I had to tape off the ceiling throughout the whole house (except the kitchen), and all the trim in the hall and living room. By that point, it was too hot to paint (the a/c unit had been temporarily disconnected for two reasons -- one: so we could paint around the opening in the wall, and two: so we could replace the unit with a newer digital model). Saturday, I had to work and Princess had a cooking class, so no painting that day either...

Sunday, Ace and I got up a little earlier than is our normal time, had our mochas, got set up, and got to work. I cut in (Princess helped) and he followed behind me with the rollers (Princess got to use the 4" for smaller areas). Half hour passed (lunch break), and we were ready for a second coat. After waiting an hour or so, we pulled all the tape, and moved the living room furniture back.

Monday, the flooring installers came to demo the last two rooms. For our comfort, they actually decided to demo only part of the dining room carpet, and all the tile in the kitchen. With the tile came the subfloor, which (after installing a vapor barrier) was fully replaced. One problem: when I got home from work around 3p, I heard a leak. After finding where it was coming from (long nail in new subfloor), Ace turned off the hot water and crawled into the crawlspace to get a photo. He then called our installer, who called a plumber to get it fixed.

Tuesday, I left for work before any contractors got here, so Ace kept me updated by text. The plumber came by and replaced the pipe (nail went straight through); no cost to us, of course. Then, the electrician showed up and did all his rough-ins (there's a hole in my floor -- but this one is supposed to be there; it's for the outlet on the new island!). Everyone was gone by 4p, which left us free to take Princess to her first soccer practice of the season!

Yesterday, the drywallers were here to replace all the crap they removed (about one and a half walls worth). They'll be back today to tape, mud, and texture. I actually had to call our main contractor a few times to get some things worked out; hence the title of this blog -- had I not had experience working for my brother years ago, and helping dad with many projects through the years, I wouldn't have known enough to question them.

Anyway, after today, we're free through Monday to get those three walls painted, and get the rest of the lighting back up. I have a dilemma, though... with the "Bordeaux" color of the cherry cabinets, I'm not sure I want to do burgundy on the kitchen's east wall... All the other east walls in my house's main living areas are burgundy, so, for cohesiveness, it makes sense. BUT, I'm afraid we may lose some of the stand-out quality of the cabinets by putting some of them against a wall of similar color. My other choice is to paint it the same as the other two, which is grey like the rest of our home... Thoughts?


  1. I'd do it grey. Dark colors make rooms looks smaller too.

  2. Not worried about the darker color thing; it's the stove wall, so not much of it will show anyway...

  3. I like the idea of the grey to give you contrast with the cabinets (but then, since its me expressing my opinion, you'll probably go another direction!)