Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The "Pre-Teens" Are Here...

It's official. The Princess has completely turned into a pre-teen. Remember when I asked your opinions about getting her a cell phone? Yeah, that has been put on hold; she's having a problem with being responsible in certain aspects of life. Her homework is still being done on time, she has no problem getting herself up & ready for school, or any of that... What she has a problem with is remembering to call or text (from a friend's phone) when she's staying at the school (AV Club, playing with a couple friends, etc), and being home on time when I do let her stay to play.

For the record, the other two incidents were minor (she was told to be home at a certain time, after hanging at the playground after school, but left the school at that time, instead -- minor, but you have to earn the right to have a time-cushion), but she had been warned that the "next time" she was irresponsible like that, there would be major consequences.

Yesterday was the third "strike" so-to-speak. She was supposed to text Ace's cell to let him know if she was staying for AV Club or not (they've spent the last four Mondays & Tuesdays making an anti-drug/alcohol mini-movie). He went out to where we normally meet her... 5 minutes... 10 minutes... 15 minutes. He then walks the rest of the way to the school & texts me (I was at work) asking if I'd heard from her. I said, "No... Text K's phone."

At this point, I'm kinda mini-freaking out (Ace said he was only really irritated, but I think he was a little worried at first, too... after what her bio & SM did...). A few minutes goes by and he texts me back, letting me know he was at the school and saw her "skip by" inside (she didn't see him, apparently), then K texted him back to say that Princess was on her way home.

She beat him by a few minutes, so when she got home, she called my cell; half-crying ('cuz no one was home) and half-worried ('cuz she knew she was in serious trouble for not calling/texing). I told her that Ace was probably on his way back, 'cuz he had gone to the school looking for her, yes, she was in big trouble, and "I'm sorry; I forgot" doesn't cut it.

By the time I got home, Ace hadn't decided on a punishment, so we discussed it and decided that "third strike" meant no cell phone for a while (we'll revisit it after her Canada trip this summer) and no more staying after school for anything non-school related for the rest of the school year. For a kid who rarely gets into trouble, quite frankly, I'm surprised!

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Over, Already?!?

Yup, Spring Soccer is done. I know what you're thinking... "That was quick!" Yes, especially considering that we're used to Fall Soccer around here, which lasts from mid- to late-July through early- to mid- November! So, I don't have the official scorecards, but I seem to remember one HUGE win (7-0), a few smaller wins, a couple of ties, and two losses. Princess gained a LOT of momentum toward the end of the season, as well, and decided she'll play again in the Fall!! She understands she'll have to push herself harder than she's ever done before; her coach will no longer tolerate half-hearted play.

She will soon be a 6th grader; that is the last year of elementary school around here. She needs to think about her "activities future" and figure out if she's going to stick with soccer, or move on to something else. Middle school, and definitely high school, are NOT the time to start a new activity, so now IS the time. She's expressed a serious interest in continuing her hip hop classes (she wants to do Dance Team in high school), as well as trying volleyball, next year, so we will look into those as well (as long as they don't interfere with each other or schoolwork, of course; I'm not a parent who believes in scheduling their kid for too many things at once).

Now, though, she's taking five, 1/2 hour, swim classes at the local rec center. She'll be travelling to Canada with her Mimi this summer, and the majority of that trip is on or near the water, so a "refresher" course class was in order. Beside that, between now and the end of school, we have nothing else planned outside of school... and that's a good thing for both of us!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Who Calls It "Fun" To Run?

This morning, Princess, along with the whole school, participated in what they refer to as a "Fun Run" to raise money to hire an AmeriCorp member for next year. This "Fun Run" is the only event that pays for the AC member, so the kids really push themselves to raise a lot of money. These men & women (it's one person every year) coordinate inexpensive after school activities for the children throughout the year and help in classrooms when needed. Plus, there are prizes for whichever class raises the most money. The prizes this year include gift certificates to the local movie theater, a pizza party, and making a human carwash to "torture" their principal!

We won't know which class is the winner until next week, but today, my princess ran/walked a WHOPPING 23 LAPS -- that's almost 3 miles! Last year, she only did 8 laps! I am so proud of her! You can donate either a $ amount/lap (1/8mile) or a flat $ amount. Either way, I owe a LOT more $$ than last year. Had she told me about it last week, instead of yesterday, I would have asked family & friends to donate... Although, if you'd like to, you CAN still donate to the school for the AC member through May 27th. Let me know; I'll send you the info.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Ok, I know I'm running a little late on this one; I fully intended to get it written & finished by yesterday (Monday) morning, but as usual, life had other plans... So, here it is, better late than never:

Twelve years ago, while I was pregnant with Princess, I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mom. Obviously I've celebrated many Mother's Days, as I have not one, but TWO moms. But, this was the first one where I was spoiled. I don't remember all the details but I do remember MG was good to me that day.

Over the years, Princess has made or bought (or both) me at least three presents every year. Ace (her Papa) has encouraged her to think of things I would like her to do (not necessarily buy). She's also done something in school every year. My mother, since she lives close by, likes to spend part of the day with us, so I usually end up having brunch with them both.

Saturday, we got to sleep in (a rare thing on a Saturday). I had one client at noon, so mom took her to the Keen store for walking sandals (something she can use in or out of the water this summer), then we had lunch and headed to her game. Princess had volunteered to do "coffee service" at my mom's church on Sunday, so that meant that after her soccer game, she went back to "Mimi's". They made seven dozen sugar cookies (tulips), and on Sunday, after the service, they served them, along with lemonade, tea, & coffee.

I picked them up at 1215p, and we headed to the M.A.C. (where my mother is a member) for brunch. There, Princess gave me two of the gifts she made me this year -- a really cool card and a piece of pottery. She left the third at Mimi's, which we picked up on our way home. While they were making the tulip cookies, she also made me (hand-shaped) M O M and three pairs of feet, complete with toenail polish! She said to me, "You can share the feet, but you have to eat the mom by yourself." lol

When we got home, Ace & I left her to dust (he'd already vacuumed and done the dishes while we were having brunch) while we went to Lowe's, Target, & Safeway. Then, she insisted on helping her Papa make dinner (including the marinade for the steaks, of course), and cleaned up after. Before heading to bed, she crawled up onto the couch with me and asked, "Mom, did you like your Mother's Day?" I gave her a big hug and answered, "The best ever."