Friday, September 18, 2015

Another Little Update...

For years, Princess has said she has no interest in being on-stage in any production. Last year, she took a semester of Tech Theater and truly enjoyed both her teacher (who also taught the Drama classes) and the class itself. As part of that class, they are required to perform a "Job" related to behind-the-scenes at one of the high school plays. She chose makeup, and had a great time doing that for the fall play (I *think* it was "Night of the Living Dead"... but I can't remember). She had a gap in her schedule for second semester, so she was going to take it again and do a different job, but found out she wouldn't get class credit for it (it would just be an audit), so she took Drama 1. Apparently she liked that one so much, she forecasted (and got) Drama 2 this year! There is a different teacher, but she likes him too, so she was very excited to try out for this year's first play! We are proud of her just for trying, and we are awaiting the announcement of call-backs. Drama 2 is officially her new favorite class, with ASL 2 trailing a close second.

She also had her well-child check (two months later than normal because there was a staff shuffle at the doc's office; we lost our regular Family doctor and had to wait to see one of the others on staff). No shots this time; she's up to date and they didn't have any flu shots available. No biggie; we'll get them at Safeway or Fred Meyer later. With the new doc comes a repeat of family history questions, so I let the doc know that Ace adopted her last year, we don't have much contact with the bio family, but I do know about some Alzheimer's diagnoses and a few other things that may be important, so I shared those. We talked about school, friends, classes, activities (both physical & mental), etc. She gave her a physical, took her height & weight, and said, "She's healthy; see you next year."

Ace took GamerBoy to another concert a few days ago (Five Finger Death Punch in Eugene)... He left here a little after noon, took his time getting down there by stopping by his parents' old place in Woodburn and hitting up Bauman Farms, then picked up GB, hit up the Ducks Store for a "O MOM" sticker for my car, had dinner at Olive Garden, and headed to the concert. He had taken an overnight bag with him, just in case (GB said he could crash on his floor if needed), but he ended up driving home after dropping GB back to his place. He returned about 130am, and came to bed around 2am. One topic of conversation -- GB starts classes next week, is he ready? "A little nervous, still, but yes." He's taking a full load of some not so easy courses, plus working a regular job, and helping out with the construction at his new place.

Squeeks was over last week; we all went to dinner at Izzy's (she loves that place, so whatever). We got the lowdown on her school/work plans for the next year, possible school plans for the next stage, as well. She's debating looking into a manager position at another branch of her theater, but where will depend on where she wants to attend university. She's about 40 credits shy of what she needs to move on, so these next three terms will be very full. She was also complaining (for the bazillionth time) about her truck... it's not running as well as she'd like it to be and really wants a newer car; something more reliable. Then, last weekend, her & her bf went to the coast and on their way home, they were hit on the front driver's side; totalling it. Not the best way to go about getting a newer car, but glad they're both okay, and that she will get a settlement check from his insurance company soon to use as a down payment. She was asking us yesterday details about my car, so one like it may be on her list of ones to consider. Fingers crossed she can afford the monthly payments of whatever she ends up getting.

Ace's big project these next couple of weeks is a "shooting gallery"... We have different sized & shaped metal targets, some metal & wood pieces to make it stand upright (think: smaller version of a swingset with targets instead of swings), and all the nuts, bolts, eye hooks, and chain to get everything connected. The way he designed it makes it easy to break down for both storage at our house as well as transport to any site to set up. He's also gotten more stuff out of the garage, some more parts sold online, a bit more set up in the spare room, and one day last week, he took a 7 hour motorcycle ride through the boonies to the southeast of us.

Last but certainly not least, I have a really good bit of update on Bio & The Wildebeest (of course I do)! So, MG has apparently wanted a divorce for a while now, but can't afford it. Wildebeest most likely refuses to file herself because she still hopes they'll be together again... um, sorry (not sorry) Wildebeest; not going to happen... I finally found out who MG's girlfriend is. Remember that quote I told you all about a few months ago: "...I know who you are, KC, and you will not win!"? Guess you were wrong! She *did* "win", and you lost. Her name is Kristina (last name *does* start with a C, too, so this must the be "KC" Wildebeest's been whining about on her FB page, all the while posting pics from times passed of them from their wedding -- in 2007; pathetic). Apparently, she's nice/outgoing/personable, comes from a good family, and has three lovely daughters of her own. Seems we have a mutual friend; one of mine graduated from the same school the same year she did (which is also the year MG would have graduated, had he not dropped out mid-Sophomore year). Judging by the pics I've seen, she's a total upgrade from the Wildebeest! I honestly am happy for him & wish them nothing but happiness. Guess you can finally tell all your friends and family about how he left you heartbroken, and be the victim you play so well...

Monday, September 7, 2015

School's Back In Session

Princess starts her sophomore year in high school on Wednesday, and will be properly challenged. She's taking pre-IB: Chemistry, US History, and English/Language Arts. She's also taking her second year of ASL, as well as Digital Photography, Algebra 2, Drama 2, and a semester each of Health & Child's World. For all sophomores, they also added an Advisory class at the end of Day 1. On top of that, she's got at least one babysitting gig every week for the next two months, she plans on joining the Honor Roll Society & the GSA, and *may* do a play this year!
GamerBoy is stressing a bit (mostly just because he doesn't know anyone yet, and this whole situation is a bit scary), but about to start his junior year at University of Oregon. He found a job (maybe temporary, but fine for now; pays really well, apparently) house cleaning and is working off some of his rent by helping out his new homeowner/landlord at his new place.
Squeeks is about to start her last year at MHCC. She's still not sure what she wants to do when she's done (she's debating between going on to a full University or doing some internship program somewhere... it will have something to do with animals, but she doesn't know yet), but she knows her child support ends in June. She's still working at the movie theater, too, and her room-for-rent situation is working out nicely. She needs to work out a proper budget, and start saving for a new vehicle (her truck is on its way out, apparently), but there are a few other more important things to take care of first.
We have a little over a month before Ace goes back to work, as well. We've really enjoyed having him home; most nights, we get a full-on home-cooked meal (many nights, Princess & Ace are cooking together), he's getting little projects around the house done, he's in a good mood most of the time, and unless I have to work early, no one's used an alarm until last week. He has another out-of-town concert coming up and is thinking about including a trip to Klamath to that drive. If the weather holds, he'll even take his bike. All three of us have also used the home-time to clear out & clean out -- closets, drawers, garage, etc... like "Spring Cleaning", but at the end of summer.
My business is slowing down a little; normal for this time of year, so it's fine. This is a good time to get little projects done at the studio. I just ordered a drawer system for my art supplies... the large fishing tackle box just isn't working anymore. This is where having the extra storage space comes in super handy; it's on wheels, so I just have to wheel out the cart, get into the drawer I need, and put it back in the closet when I'm done. A lot of my tech friends suggested options, but this will work perfectly (and give me a little growing rooom). I also ordered more "flower-type" plastic nail tips for swatching new colors (lots of new stuff coming out over the holidays). & I have some print materials I'm redoing. OH! And, I will be sculpting myself a new set of nails (longer, new shape) soon... So, this "no-work" time works out.
We are all ready for the cooler weather (even the rain): hoodies, football (ok, that's mostly me), apples, fire in the fireplace, etc. Bring it on!