Monday, September 7, 2015

School's Back In Session

Princess starts her sophomore year in high school on Wednesday, and will be properly challenged. She's taking pre-IB: Chemistry, US History, and English/Language Arts. She's also taking her second year of ASL, as well as Digital Photography, Algebra 2, Drama 2, and a semester each of Health & Child's World. For all sophomores, they also added an Advisory class at the end of Day 1. On top of that, she's got at least one babysitting gig every week for the next two months, she plans on joining the Honor Roll Society & the GSA, and *may* do a play this year!
GamerBoy is stressing a bit (mostly just because he doesn't know anyone yet, and this whole situation is a bit scary), but about to start his junior year at University of Oregon. He found a job (maybe temporary, but fine for now; pays really well, apparently) house cleaning and is working off some of his rent by helping out his new homeowner/landlord at his new place.
Squeeks is about to start her last year at MHCC. She's still not sure what she wants to do when she's done (she's debating between going on to a full University or doing some internship program somewhere... it will have something to do with animals, but she doesn't know yet), but she knows her child support ends in June. She's still working at the movie theater, too, and her room-for-rent situation is working out nicely. She needs to work out a proper budget, and start saving for a new vehicle (her truck is on its way out, apparently), but there are a few other more important things to take care of first.
We have a little over a month before Ace goes back to work, as well. We've really enjoyed having him home; most nights, we get a full-on home-cooked meal (many nights, Princess & Ace are cooking together), he's getting little projects around the house done, he's in a good mood most of the time, and unless I have to work early, no one's used an alarm until last week. He has another out-of-town concert coming up and is thinking about including a trip to Klamath to that drive. If the weather holds, he'll even take his bike. All three of us have also used the home-time to clear out & clean out -- closets, drawers, garage, etc... like "Spring Cleaning", but at the end of summer.
My business is slowing down a little; normal for this time of year, so it's fine. This is a good time to get little projects done at the studio. I just ordered a drawer system for my art supplies... the large fishing tackle box just isn't working anymore. This is where having the extra storage space comes in super handy; it's on wheels, so I just have to wheel out the cart, get into the drawer I need, and put it back in the closet when I'm done. A lot of my tech friends suggested options, but this will work perfectly (and give me a little growing rooom). I also ordered more "flower-type" plastic nail tips for swatching new colors (lots of new stuff coming out over the holidays). & I have some print materials I'm redoing. OH! And, I will be sculpting myself a new set of nails (longer, new shape) soon... So, this "no-work" time works out.
We are all ready for the cooler weather (even the rain): hoodies, football (ok, that's mostly me), apples, fire in the fireplace, etc. Bring it on!

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