Sunday, February 24, 2013


These last three weeks have been a whirlwind! We hired Ron Wackerly Construction off of Angie's List. He's exactly the kind of guy we wanted; one guy who does most things himself, but has people for jobs too big for one man. He brought in a guy named Mark to help with the drywall & tile work, then left us to the painting over the weekend. He was going to have his "floor guy" do our floor, but since he was already on a big job (Ron said something about him doing an apartment complex), Ron did it himself after the tiling was done. We're so happy with his work that I gave his business card to two friends of mine who need tile jobs done.
After Ron was done, we called in our plumber. Ruben got all our shower parts in & working, the toilet in & working, and the shut offs in for the sink. He would have installed the sink, too, but we don't even have a countertop yet. Before we can do that, we need the cabinets installed. On that note, we went to Home Depot last week and talked to Gwen (who took over for Julie when she got a new job); we gave her copies of our work order, told her all we needed was cabinet install, and she sent an email to Artistic. We're now waiting for Artistic to get back to her with a day/time they can come. We'd do it ourselves, but it's a bit more complicated since we have drawers instead of shelves, and the linen closet is actually two stacked cabinets...
After cabinets, we can get Precision out here to measure for the countertop, we can get the baseboards in & do some touch up, and the last step is getting the glass people out here to do the frameless shower door. I'll post a "before" & "after" blog when we're completely done, but for those on FB, check out the "Bathroom Remodel" album.