Thursday, May 27, 2010

On Our Way

First, let me mention that, since my last post, "Father of the Year" has called Princess almost EVERY night. He didn't call her while she was at my mother's one night (hmmm, perhaps 'cuz he knows she probably won't answer her phone?), another he called past the approved time (after 730p, she is on bedtime routine; he knows this), and yet another she was in the shower & it was after 730p when she got out.

Last night, I made sure she returned his (two) missed call(s), and that she let him know we were headed out of town for the long weekend. He probably won't call while we're gone, but who knows? And, I do wonder, is he actually trying to be better about regularity, or is he just making up for going 51 days without calling...? Either way, I think she's getting tired of the every night call, and may ask him at some point very soon to just make them once a week. We'll see.

Second, as I said, Princess & I are headed out of town for the long weekend. As we did last year, we are "kid-wrangling" for T & D. This year, the newest addition (whom I will from here on out refer to as Firefly) is joining the trip (she's about 5 weeks now), but I think D is "wearing" her most of the weekend. Mom, too, is joining us this time around, which should make things interesting.

Looks like the Bay Area's weather is supposed to cooperate, and, as we are planning on being outside most of Saturday, this is great! Not sure of other plans, but that's okay; at least we have our own room this time. I am just about done packing (have a couple loads of laundry to finish first), and except for last minute items (toothbrush, hair brush, etc), we are ready!

Oh, and we're trying out a "doggie camp" this time for the fuzzy babies, so Ace doesn't have to worry about them being left alone at home for too long. The woman we're taking them to has 40 acres that backs up to a major forest, and her property includes a pond and a creek! Dogs should have a blast!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Quickie...

Last night, after (yes, I'm counting; I keep track on the calendar) 51 nights of silence, "Father of the Year" finally called the Princess. Told her he'll call again tonight, and *might* come to Saturday's game (currently having no plans, he says; and he may bring his MIL). {Notice the use of the words like "may" and "currently" -- these have historically been his outs. Princess is not fooled.}

Let's fill in some details here, shall we?

* Last visual contact -- early December, 2009, at a school production. He brought his mother, two younger daughters, and grandmother. She's had a full 12 weeks of dance classes, a few events at school, and is almost done with her softball season... no-show for any of it.
* Last telephonic contact -- March 29th, close to 7pm. She won't call him, so it is completely up to him to make the effort...
* STILL no birthday (which was November 6th) or Xmas gifts, which he SAYS he has... -- does he not know how to ship? USPS has what we call "flat rate boxes" -- very inexpensive.

Also, I got a letter from DCS stating that his driver's license is going to be suspended, unless (of course) he takes one of three certain actions -- pay the full amount owed (HAHAHA!!), the person listed on the form is not him, or by making a payment plan. Not sure if he can even make a payment plan, though... Well, stick to one, anyway. Unfortunately, driving without a license is a secondary offense, so he'd have to be pulled over for something else before the cops would know it. But, whatever; it made me mildly amused, at least.

Since I know J still reads my blog, I'd like to mention that the option of adoption is still on the table. In exchange, all money currently owed in this case would vanish -- he would no longer owe one dime of it. Think about it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quick Update

Ok, seriously, just a quick little update, since I have no time for anything else...

Flooring is laid in all bedrooms, hallway, and living room. Trim is laid only in the boy's room. Most of kids' things are in storage, save Princess' mattress, a few clothing items, book, etc, so she can sleep and function while in the midst of chaos. What didn't fit in storage is in the boy's room, as well.

Flooring peeps return Friday, so we're getting as much painting done as we can before that, as well as hanging all new interior doors. So far, the girls' room is painted (I also bought them each two double hooks -- for robes, hoodies, purses, whatever -- as well as a throw rug and new curtains), and our bedroom is painted. The boy also has a throw rug.

The utility closet has a new set of bi-folds and new hardware, and the girls' room has a new door with a fancy handle. All doors and handles will be the same with the exception of locks -- our bedroom and the bathroom get locks, only.

Sorry to cut this short, but we have more work to do! Corey wants photos, T/D already got some... anyone else, let me know!