Friday, September 10, 2010


Well, until the next project, anyway. Tuesday & today, Cory finished up all the minute details. Ace was so excited, though, that he started putting things away last week!

Here's the breakdown -- we kept the original layout of the kitchen, with a few changes. The biggest two were: moving the dishwasher to the left of the sink, and adding an island.
* All the upper cabinets, with the exception of the cabinet above the fridge and the huge (42"H) corner cabinet (with a beautiful "rain" glass front), are 36"H, 15"D, and of various widths.
* We had a "blind corner" cabinet base; it was replaced with a two-high lazy susan.
* Under the sink is a double shelf, and attached to the inside of those doors are a soap storage unit and a plastic-bag storage unit -- both of those have a plastic piece on their tops to hold wet sponges.
* The pantry now has four pull-out shelves (on rollers), and two regular shelves.
* The island holds all our pots, pans, and baking pans, as well as the griddle, the electric skillet, the crockpot, and more!
* The toaster no longer sits on the counter; it actually has a "home" cabinet (you have to laugh at how happy that made Ace).
* All the cookie sheets & cutting boards have an upright home, with the assistance of a metal organizer tool.

Ok, I know you all want to see (especially those who aren't my FaceStalkers), so here ya go:


Now, I think we're taking a bit of a break, until we figure out what to do to the bathroom...