Monday, June 30, 2014

Forty, Already?!?

Two Sundays ago, I turned 40yo. I've been getting myself used to the idea by telling people I was "almost 40" for the last few months. Fairly common responses (especially from my -- over 50yo -- clients) include, "Oh... you're still a baby!" and "You don't look 40y!" I'm not sure what 40y is supposed to look like, or feel like for that matter. But, thanks!

So, as we have for the last few years, we celebrated my birthday with a gathering of friends & food. I gave people about a month's notice, and close to 25 people came. This year, Princess made a cake (chocolate) and cupcakes (red velvet), Ace made a brisket on the smoker, and my friends brought sides & drinks. Now, remember that we don't have a fancy backyard (yet; plans are in the works... just waiting on our motorcycle accident settlements to start working on it), so I literally have three outdoor chairs. I also laid a tarp & blanket down. So, M&J let me borrow their sun shade, a patio table, and six chairs. Other friends brought their own chairs.

This was also a good test for Elvis; we had no idea how he would act/react to having all those people (plus little kids, and a couple of newborn babies) in "his" yard... He was so good! There was no barking/baying, no jumping on people, no stealing food, etc. He did get into a couple plates left on the ground instead of thrown in the garbage but that's to be expected. He sniffed at the babies, and was startled when Bri (age 2y) petted his butt when he wasn't looking... but didn't bite or anything. We are super-happy with this!

My gifts from friends included: funds toward a new tattoo (I have two more planned, plus two of the three I have already need a touch-up, and one will get a partial cover-up at some point), gift cards, wine, and ammo for my firearm. My daughter bought me a new phone case, my stepdaughter bought me a drizzle (alcoholic chocolate sauce - yum!) and some junk food I love, and husband bought me the Mother's Ring I've been wanting. I also got TONS of emails, text messages, phone calls, cards, and posts to my FB wall.

All in all - a good time was had, and my friends & husband (and daughter for that matter) are good cooks (handy to have when you don't enjoy cooking).