Monday, April 8, 2013

Screw THAT; We'll Do It Ourselves

So, when we FINALLY heard back from Gwen about Artistic's job bid, we were floored. They wanted almost $1000 just to put in four cabinets (plus trim, shelving, drawers, etc). Um, no. Ace decided we could do it ourselves. We knew it would take a lot longer doing it ourselves, because we're working around our work schedules, our daughter's activities, and Ace's pain levels. BUT, the good news is, the cabinets are all in, level, & plumb.

In the meantime, we've had Customline Shower Doors out here for measure; our glass panel is custom-order so we're still waiting for an install appt (can't make the appt until the panel is done). We also had Precision Countertops out here for template. Our install appt is scheduled for a week from tomorrow.

That only leaves the rest of the trim work, putting in the shelving & drawers, reattaching the doors to the linen cabinets, attaching the sink & faucet, installing the light & mirror above the vanity, and unpacking the boxes of bathroom "stuff" to do. So... HOME STRETCH!!