Saturday, February 20, 2010


With two small (roughly 7") holes in my living room ceiling, the house has been a little chillier the last few mornings. You see, we decided it was time to do the final lights (not counting our own bedroom). We had all the pieces we needed: two new fixtures (cool track lights, with four lights on each set), two flat metal medallions (the top of the fixture is smaller than our current hole), and all the screws, nuts, bolts, and tools we needed.

We shut off the power to that section of the house and got to work. First, we had to remove the old lighting. That included a cylinder-type electrical box, a metal cone, and the light bulb. Keep in mind, these original sets of lights were NOT up to code. No matter how old a house is, you have to attach the casing to the house somehow... these weren't done. Argh. But, it made for easier removal.

When Ace climbed up to the attic, he also found out that there was PLENTY of wire up there, all still good (not a big thing, but nice to know we don't have to run new wire from the switch by the front door). So, all we had to do was install the new electrical box, using a brace between the two rafters. That was detailed, but not hard. Of course, all electrical work is easier when you have someone who knows what he's doing...

We got the first one built, and were ready to put the light up. That's when we discovered that the medallion wouldn't work. Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh! These were special order medallions, too; we wanted flat ones, white metal. The ones we bought measure 8" round, with a 3 1/2" cut out in the center. Unfortunately, the fixtures we bought have a 4 5/8" part that is supposed to fit into the medallion's center hole.

Now, we're on hold, again... The easiest thing would be to find a machine shop in the area, or a person who has the tools in his garage, and have the hole cut to about 5" (the decorative outer area on the center of the track is a rounded square that's about 5 3/8" at its smallest spot). If we can't do that, we have to order a new set of medallions, putting this project off another couple weeks; until they get here. Did I say "Argh" already?

In the meantime, we bought more locksets. The door going from the garage to the house will get a new deadbolt & handle, to match the front door. And, the garage-to-backyard will get a new handle & keyed deadbolt -- one without a latch -- for extra safety. The cool part about the new locksets? You can program them to all use ONE key. It's the new "Smartkey" system.

I have Monday off work, so I'm hoping to AT LEAST get these new locksets installed... since I can't do anything about the lights right now.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowing In Hell

I'd say, "Hell froze over" but that, I think, should be saved for if I ever get paid ALL the money B.D. owes me... So, let's go with, "It must be snowing in Hell" for this one. Yesterday (Friday, February 5th -- the date my attorney gave B.D. to respond to his email regarding non-payment of Princess' eye doc appt), I stopped by the mailbox and, low and behold!, there is an envelope, addressed to me.

I get into the house, and open it up, and what do I see but a REAL, PERFECTLY EXECUTED, CASHABLE check -- made out to my full name with the dollar line & dollar box matched up. Here's the part that made me laugh: the check (along with the envelope) was written in B.D.'s handwriting. I just picture this conversation (argument?) between them where he says something about her not filling it out properly, so he'll do it himself.

However, SHE had to sign it (I wonder if he'll ever be able to get a checking account of his own?). Of course, true to form, she has to get a little needling in, doesn't she? The memo line reads, "OMG! / M*******'s eye doc". OMG!, indeed -- OMG that it took the threat of legal action to effin' write a proper check.

Monday, I'll take it to the bank and cash it. They'll be able to tell me if a stop payment has been placed, of course, before they do so (I wouldn't put it past her). I'd just deposit it, but if a stop payment HAD been placed, it would take a week or two before I would know that. Provided I am able to cash it, with no problems, my attorney's office will be notified that they can return the other VOIDed check to him.

Now, I am waiting on a couple bills from Princess' dentist; she had her regular checkup as well as an ortho consult, so there will be something owed for those; half of which B.D. will have to reimburse me for. She will also be seeing him again in a couple weeks for a specialty appt, half of which B.D. will ALSO be responsible for...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For Your Reading Pleasure

I thought I'd post the letter from my attorney to B.D., for your reading entertainment:

"Dear Mr. G****** -- As a preliminary matter, it is my understanding that you are not currently represented by an attorney in this matter. If you are represented by an attorney, please forward this letter to your attorney and forward his or her contact information to my office.
I write to address the ongoing issue with the payment on uninsured expenses. Enclosed with this letter is a copy of the check you forwarded to Ms. G******-K**** for reimbursement of M*******'s eye doctor appointment. As you can see, this check has been voided. As you recall, this issue has been addressed before, February 2007, and it is unfortunate that I must become involved again
The check you sent Ms. G******-K**** was not acceptable, and inaccurate. The dollar amount you listed in the box and the amount hand written on the line beneath her name were different ($32.50 versus thirty two and 00/100). Second, her name was misspelled on the check "D*** G*******-Kuntz".

What should be a relatively easy process should not require the involvement of an attorney or potentially the Court. Under the Court order, you are required to reimburse Ms. G*******-K**** for the uninsured expenses. For the most part, she has not even bothered you with all of the expenses for which you should reimburse her. This expense, however, must be reimbursed. Therefore, we propose the following options:
1. Come by my office and exchange the voided check for a new, properly executed and formatted check payable to Ms. G*******-K**** and in the correct amount.
2. Come by my office and exchange the voided check for cash that will go to Ms. G******-K**** to reimburse her for the expense, OR;
3. Send a properly formatted and executed check to Ms. G*******-K**** so that she can properly cash the check and be reimbursed for her expenses. I will keep the voided check here. Once Ms. G*******-K**** receives the new check, you can pick up the voided check or we can dispose of the voided check.
Please respond no later than February 5, 2010 with your response.
I hope there is a way we can resolve this matter without further burdening the Court and wasting the time of both parties. Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated.
M*** B*****"

Of course, true to form, B.D.'s wife changed their joint profile page less than three hours later (I have a couple of friends who regularly check both this one and her own, so I don't have to) to read, "M*** and I are just ROFLOAO over someone spending time and money on a unimportant honest mistake! Hilarious!!!" You can tell how uneducated she is... "a unimportant"? LOL! Oh, and "honest mistake" my ass... I know of no honest thing she's ever done or said. That simple fact that she is laughing about it, instead of responding to my attorney with an apology &/or a promise for actual reimbursement, tells you just how childish and immature she really is.

Friday is the 5th... the day B.D. has to respond to my attorney's office as to his intention to reimburse me for this current debt. Let's see what happens now, shall we?