Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowing In Hell

I'd say, "Hell froze over" but that, I think, should be saved for if I ever get paid ALL the money B.D. owes me... So, let's go with, "It must be snowing in Hell" for this one. Yesterday (Friday, February 5th -- the date my attorney gave B.D. to respond to his email regarding non-payment of Princess' eye doc appt), I stopped by the mailbox and, low and behold!, there is an envelope, addressed to me.

I get into the house, and open it up, and what do I see but a REAL, PERFECTLY EXECUTED, CASHABLE check -- made out to my full name with the dollar line & dollar box matched up. Here's the part that made me laugh: the check (along with the envelope) was written in B.D.'s handwriting. I just picture this conversation (argument?) between them where he says something about her not filling it out properly, so he'll do it himself.

However, SHE had to sign it (I wonder if he'll ever be able to get a checking account of his own?). Of course, true to form, she has to get a little needling in, doesn't she? The memo line reads, "OMG! / M*******'s eye doc". OMG!, indeed -- OMG that it took the threat of legal action to effin' write a proper check.

Monday, I'll take it to the bank and cash it. They'll be able to tell me if a stop payment has been placed, of course, before they do so (I wouldn't put it past her). I'd just deposit it, but if a stop payment HAD been placed, it would take a week or two before I would know that. Provided I am able to cash it, with no problems, my attorney's office will be notified that they can return the other VOIDed check to him.

Now, I am waiting on a couple bills from Princess' dentist; she had her regular checkup as well as an ortho consult, so there will be something owed for those; half of which B.D. will have to reimburse me for. She will also be seeing him again in a couple weeks for a specialty appt, half of which B.D. will ALSO be responsible for...

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