Friday, May 13, 2016

My New Guns...

Two weeks ago, after 23 years with the company, Ace was one of almost 1000 people who left Intel. To clarify, he did NOT get fired; he took what they call a Separation Package (had he been fired, there would have been no compensation). This package includes keeping his company cell phone (they terminated the contract a week later, but we can wipe it & sell it or use it ourselves), a choice of COBRA coverage, a lump sum (a large chunk of weeks, base salary) of his pay, job search assistance, and more. He is eligible for unemployment. His sick & vacation days will also be cashed out and he will be able to transfer our life insurance policies and his 401K. Of course, we also have been smart with our own money; we have no outstanding debts, no mortgage, etc... and have roughly 18 months worth of living expenses in a savings account (not counting my new car fund, which we're still planning on buying... some time this Fall, I think).

When he got home, he floundered a bit; not knowing what to do with himself. After I made us lunch, though, he goes, "Let's get some work done," and proceeded to make a lot of sawdust (in case you missed that post, we've been building a nice raised garden bed for vegetables). The photo of sawdust I took was posted on his Facebook page with, "How I spent my first day no longer working for Intel." Since then, he's worked on his LinkedIn page, his resume, and has had two meetings with the job search people. He has four webinars he's signed up for for next week, as well. While he's not sure what he wants to do, yet, we are financially able for him to take some time to figure it out.

He's been sleeping better, hasn't had a migraine, and is in a good mood all the time. Since he left Intel, we've also done something with the garden bed every day. He is down two pants sizes and his upper arms are super-defined. I am more defined all over and can actually see results in my own upper arms as well. As of today, the box is 1/3 full of the soil mix. Ace's plan while I'm at work is to get more of it from the pile in the front yard to the box in the back. Since he's sore from yesterday's work (we all are), he may or may not get it done. If needed, once it cools off this evening, I'll go out & work, as well. Once it's done, we'll be ready for plant starters!