Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Specifically, MY boobs.

Get your mind out of the gutter; this is serious.

Since I can remember, I've had lumpy breasts. They've never bothered me much except the few times a year when one specific lump would hurt (never related to my cycle, though, which is weird). Through the years, all my docs have blown it off to "it's just a cyst; don't worry about it" but no one's ever tested it...

...Until my newest doc (Dr Kim -- LOVE her!). Five years ago, just after I turned 30, my doc decided to have some testing done, so I went to a specialist (Dr Lisa -- who's also done my other specialty "girly" appts when needed for the last 6 years) and she did an ultrasound. Luckily, they found no cancer, just cysts (as thought).

This year, my doc decided she wanted another ultrasound and a baseline mammogram (this is being done more and more, so docs know what you're supposed to look like in there, and have something to compare your age-40 photos to; I highly suggest pushing this one, and fighting your insurance if they won't cover it). Mammos have come a long way and I was not nearly as uncomfortable as I thought I'd be.

Anyway, doc got the results which basically said it's not cancer, but they couldn't tell for sure what it was, so doc sent me to a breast surgeon for a second opinion. I thought for sure she was going to want to do a needle biopsy, but no; the ultrasound she took (I even got to take a copy home with me -- wanna see 'em?) and the complete breast exam she (and the resident, as well) performed found only cystic material. However, I got the official diagnosis of "Fibrocystic Breasts", so at least it has a name.

The only concern this surgeon had was this: Apparently, she's had some women my age who come in with this kind of issue, find out it's cysts, find another lump, and chalk that one up to being a cyst, too... then, six months or a year later, when they go in for their regular appt, it IS cancer. She made me promise (duh) to call my doc if I EVER find another one or if anything changes with this one.

For the record, my girly appts are the ONLY thing I've never put off... for any reason. I was without insurance in my very early 20's, and still made sure to get those appts taken care of. So, my point is this: Do your monthly BSEs (yes, even if you're a man; men get breast cancer too), and have anything funky checked out asap. We joke about boobs, but this is serious. So, as one of my FB fan pages says, "FEEL YOUR BOOBIES!"

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Countdown

So, last week was super-busy. Between working, Princess's school (normal work as well as a science project), and getting things around the house done, I was a chicken-with-her-head-cut-off, so to speak... Friday culminated with polishing Princess' and my toenails with some cute artwork -- rattle, baby foot, baby's name, and a yin yang (If you're interested in photos, let me know and I'll email them to you).

The reason for all the running around, though, was because my beautiful SIL's baby shower was last weekend. T&D's second little angel is due April 13th, and contrary to their first child, we all knew the gender of this one ahead of time. For some, that makes shopping easier. Not for me; I started shopping even before they found out it was a girl.

I loveloveLOVE shopping for other people. I love giving people things they need. I love the look on their faces when they open all the gifts. Ace jokes that if he didn't keep me in check, I'd give all our money away! Actually, he's not far from the truth (although I do have specific groups and people in mind).

Saturday morning, Princess and I got up with Ace (around 630a), got the car packed, my mocha made, and headed out the door. We were about 20 minutes early picking up my mom (Spring Break traffic is awesome), and with just two stops (food & restroom), we got to T&D's exactly 5 hours from when we left mom's.

Bug practically ran to Princess, and although she gave us all a hug, she refused to leave Princess' side. She said to me that Princess is "my favorite cousin", which is of course adorable, then showed us to our room. Princess could have had her own room, but she wanted to sleep with me ("We hardly ever get to do that anymore, mom" she said). T&D had set up Bug's room with the waterbed for me, and mom got what used to be known as the "man tower"; now a guest room.

The baby shower was fun. D is a great cook, so we had couscous, some cold potato salad, and a few other goodies, as well as sausage dogs that T cooked on the grill. The weather was beautiful, and their friends were nice. D's sister, L.S. is actually the one who helped throw the shower, and their parents were both there, too. D got a ton of gifts too (I think there was only one that was "iffy"), including a sling, lots of clothes up to size 9m, blankets (my Princess even sewed one herself!!), some toys, a few things for herself (Bug and the Princess even got a couple gifts!), and some bathing items.

I got them a bunch of clothes, a book, a sippy cup, and a carseat. OMG! This carseat is awesome! It's the only one they'll need; it goes from 5lb to 100lbs!! I wish I'd had something like this when Princess was little... But, I'm glad I was able to do this, because I know they needed it.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was very relaxed. We played a lot of cards, went to the park, talked, had three meals out in "downtown", did a little shopping, and just hung out. Princess and Bug were joined at the hip for most of the weekend, as well. Bug and I even had a mock argument, "No, I'm the favorite." "No, I'M the favorite!" LOL!

Bug's a funny little character, and so well-spoken. Among the many interesting & fun things she said were these little tidbits: "Unc D**** had to work. My mom said Unc D**** had to work. That's okay; I see him soon. I love him." AND "Take that to your D***" (to the Princess). Her parents are working on teaching her family relations, like her dad is my brother (I told her he's my baby brother, like she's going to have a baby sister), and I'm her aunt but Princess' mommy. She's getting it... slowly...

All weekend, D was uncomfortable. At one point, Bug said when her baby sister comes out, she's going back in. HAHA! Um, no. I really hope the little one comes soon; I'm not sure D can hold out much longer! My bet's on Thursday... April Fool's Day... my & Ace's anniversary... and Manny's birthday! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Has Sprung (and I'm not talking about flowers)

Seems little-miss-sunshine has a bee in her bonnet again... yahoo profile updates, and now, another "threat" to take me to court. I'm guessing there isn't enough going on in her own house to keep her busy, or is she just ignoring her own three kids & husband because she's so fascinated with me and mine?

Let's backtrack:
* March 16th -- she posted, "She has & will always have 1 & only 1 father, his name is M****** and is the ONLY daddy a girl ever needs for he supplies ALL she needs." (sic) Hmmm, really? So, you're telling me she needs absolutely nothing... Gotcha.
* March 19th -- I sent BD an email stating that Princess and I were going to Washington for a few days; returning Monday, and that he could call her on my cell if he wanted to reach her.
* March 20th -- I received an email asking where in Washington we were. I ignored that, figuring if HE was really that interested, he could call his daughter. He didn't...
* March 24th -- I get a forwarded email from my attorney. The wife, once again posing as BD via email (she does this a LOT), sent him, "Dear Mark, It has come to my attention that my daughter, M******* was recently brought out of state without D*** G*******-K**** giving me the proper advance notification or any idea where she would be. As you may recall, this is a direct violation of our court order. What do you offer to remedy this situation? I can of course file an action but it is such blatant disregard I thought perhaps you might have a less evasive suggestion. Thank you, M****** G*******" (sic) How about, (a) you spell everyone's names correctly (my last, as well as his and Princess's first, names were all incorrect), (b) you run the spell check and actually read what you write before sending it ("evasive"?!?! LOL!), and (c) you actually read the many (MANY!!) court orders to make sure you have your information correct? I could go on... but I won't.
* March 24th -- she posted, "Wow,You just keep pulling tighter on that noose you've made for yourself. do you feel the pinch yet?It's coming." (sic) Wow; this could be considered a cyberthreat...
* March 24th (just after she posted the above) -- Mark sent me a note asking if I wanted him to respond and seeing if there was limitation to my travel with Princess, because "he" has raised this issue before, and failed miserably.
* March 25th -- Mark (have I told you recently just how much I love my attorney?) sent, "Can you indicate which Court order you are referring to and how Ms. G*******-K****'s actions are a violation of that order? What sort of advanced notice do you believe is required and can you tell me which of the many judgments that have been entered in this case cites to this requirement? If you could please indicate which Judgment and which paragraph of that Judgment, that would be most helpful..."
* As of 530p tonight, "he" hasn't responded to Mark yet...

Last night, after a FULL one month & one week, BD called. We were at "CATS" with my mother, so he left a message. You would think she'd be surprised that it took this long to call her, but no; it's par for the course by now. At this point, it only surprises her when he does something, not when he does nothing. Manny, you were absolutely correct in your comment on the previous blog... and I love ya for that.

One more thing... Although the measly $28.15 was owed TO ME, NO LATER THAN March 13th, it actually came March 20th. Three interesting things to note: (1) The check was totally correct; all parts - SHOCKED!, (2) The check was dated March 13th - the date it was due to me, and (3) The envelope was post-marked March 20th. As usual, I copied them both for my records prior to depositing the check and recycling the envelope, then sent them to Mark for his records. It's minor, but the week-late does add to my gigantic "Court orders that BD refuses to follow" list.

Oh, and a personal note to "J" -- I know you read my blog; it's public so I would expect nothing less from you; my own personal stalker. But, seriously, grow up, live your own life, and leave me & mine alone. We're happy, and she's perfectly healthy, without you.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life Is Good

First -- a house update:
B.H. finally came and picked up the old dresser set. I had two coordinating nightstands & an armoire that she took first, then came back on the weekend to get the dresser & its matching mirror. Those pieces are HEAVY, but that's what you get for having real oak. I'm a little sad to see them go; they're beautiful pieces. But, they aren't our style so "see ya"!
We got the other dressers built (with a little handyman reinforcement) and installed. Then, since these drawers are so much larger than the oak ones, we had to take some of the clothing that was in the closet to fill the rest of the drawers. That was nice... and now leaves room for a safe (which, of course, will be bolted to the floor -- didn't you watch "It Takes A Thief"?). A friend of mine owns a guns & accessories store, so we'll be checking out what he has to see if one will work for our needs.
Yesterday, we went to pick out (after weeks of research) our new bedroom television. We were looking at Sony, but as it turns out, the Samsung we ended up getting has a MUCH better picture. I also was able to talk the electronics store sales guy down a bit (side note: Suze Orman, financial guru, says for any large-ticket item, since the profit margins are so high, you should ALWAYS ask for a discount... but go in educated and prepared). Next step on that is to upgrade our digital package.

Second -- a life update:
Medically, I've had a few more than my fair share of doc appointments this year... Seems my girly issues are getting a little worse. I won't go into detail, but I will tell you that I have great support both with my doctor's office and my family & friends. If you're curious, email me and I'll fill you in.
Emotionally, we've been on a bit of a roller coaster. Our eldest will be 18 in December, and was finally able to get his driver's permit. Rules have changed quite a bit since Ace & I first got our permits & licenses, but Gamerboy is taking it all in a stride. He's had a few "iffy" moments, but is doing well. He's been working on some personal issues, but by summer, that should be figured out, and he should have a job. Squeeks decided that she isn't waiting that long, so she presented us with a plan that involves her getting her permit, taking driver's ed, getting her license, and working after school on the mountain. She's not even 15 yet, but at least she has "a plan"! We're so proud.
Some of our summer plans are still being finalized, but we have a few things already set: my annual girls' trip, the older kids' summer time with us, Squeeks' summer camp, Princess' camp w/Mimi, Princess' annual trip, and a beach trip. We still have to talk to the General Contractor about doing the kitchen & floors (hoping for July, but we'll see what his schedule looks like), and the painter about some interior work (although we may do that ourselves; Princess LOVES to help us paint). There are, of course, all the little things to do, too... home improvement is detailed work. But, those things happen as we have time. I'm just so thankful that Ace and I work so well together; makes these things that much easier.

Third -- a legal update:
Princess is doing well. Her B.D. is only calling about once a month now, & she's happy about that. He still hasn't given her the presents he supposedly has (birthday was in Nov, and Xmas) for her... I don't know why he can't just put them in a box and ship them to her!
After the two checks that our government intercepted for me (from his tax refunds), no other money has been received; not even the measly $28.15 he was supposed to have to me no later than March 13th (his half of what insurance didn't cover for both her regular check-up and her ortho consult). I am also still waiting for a bill from fixing her two front teeth, and that one is going to be a LOT more. Perhaps he's forgotten that unpaid medical bills accrue a 9% per annum interest rate, just like the child support and attorney fees...?
B.D.'s wife has been busy on the internet, as well... Seems she thinks that even though she gets support from her eldest daughter's bio-dad, B.D. doesn't have to pay support to me. She claims that since I don't "need" it, they shouldn't have to pay it. She also likes to spout little bits of "wisdom" like, "...being a real parent has nothing to do with $$ and everything to do with love..." and threats like "... Gearing up to take back what's really ours..." (sorry, but even if the $$ was paid in full, he'd still have a LONG way to go before he gets any parenting time); not to mention the fact that she's now taken to leaving comments on my own profile. Childish, yes?
Regardless, all these tidbits are printed and filed for my records, but the question is: Why does she still bother? She's talked to my daughter twice since B.D. lost his parenting time (2 1/2 years ago!) -- it's obvious she doesn't even like the Princess, let alone love her. So, all this posturing is for one reason, and one reason only: to try to upset me. I have an idea... stop the whining & childish behaviors, and make B.D. start DOING something. Or, both of you could just leave us alone completely. She has a great set of parents, here...
While money is not, of course, the MAIN idea in good parenting, being responsible is... Being responsible includes paying ALL your bills, even ones you don't want to pay. A good parent will put aside their own feelings and do what's best for their child... every time. And, a child who is raised properly, as we're raising our Princess, knows exactly who's been there for them, and who's all talk.

Fourth -- miscellaneous:
Today is another example of what a REAL (good) parent does. Ace got up two hours earlier than his normal wake time to get Princess up and off to school, then returned 1/2 hour later to help chaperone her grade's latest field trip. Between Ace and I, we've chaperoned almost EVERY field trip she's had... since she started kindergarten! How many times has B.D. done it? Once; when she was in the first grade. Interestingly, when that teacher gave her the choice of who she wanted to be assigned to, she chose me. She ALWAYS chooses me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Busy Bees

Ok, readers, I have an update again!!

First, Ace and I finally were able to get the track lighting up. He ended up using a metal-cutting bit on his jig saw to cut the holes in the medallions a little bit bigger. The only other issue we had was the multiple trips up to the attic and back down -- had to make sure everything lined up properly, and that we didn't yank too hard on the wiring by turning the lighting unit to where I wanted it. Looks GREAT!

Second, we bought new dressers & nightstands. I'm waiting to hear from my older sisters to see if one of them can pick up (& ship direct to me) the shelves we want for the living room (ladder-style, in black) from a store near their homes... Our store doesn't have the black ones anymore, and they're discontinued. The nightstands, we put together yesterday. They look GREAT! We can't, however, assemble the dressers until my friend, B.H., comes this weekend to pick up the old set. I have no room to store them! I cannot WAIT to get the old ones gone and the new ones put up.

Third, I have to give "mad propz" to the Federal government for their wage & tax garnishment systems. Because of this system, I have, for the last three (or maybe it's four) years gotten roughly $2000 or so somewhere between March and June. It's unfortunate that BD won't pay child support on his own... but I'm glad that our government can intercept refunds, unemployment (got a little of that last summer), paychecks (not that he has any right now), and the like. Tomorrow, over $2,500 goes into my bank account -- direct from his Federal tax refund. Grand total now owed: roughly $27,000.

His wife changed "their joint" yahoo profile a couple days ago to read, "We're so glad C.S. is finally adjusted to reflect reality! Now, we can finally pay a just and accurate amount." I guess only time will tell if he ACTUALLY makes regular payments (he hasn't in the past; it's ALWAYS been garnished), but I'm sure as h3!! not holding my breath...