Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Specifically, MY boobs.

Get your mind out of the gutter; this is serious.

Since I can remember, I've had lumpy breasts. They've never bothered me much except the few times a year when one specific lump would hurt (never related to my cycle, though, which is weird). Through the years, all my docs have blown it off to "it's just a cyst; don't worry about it" but no one's ever tested it...

...Until my newest doc (Dr Kim -- LOVE her!). Five years ago, just after I turned 30, my doc decided to have some testing done, so I went to a specialist (Dr Lisa -- who's also done my other specialty "girly" appts when needed for the last 6 years) and she did an ultrasound. Luckily, they found no cancer, just cysts (as thought).

This year, my doc decided she wanted another ultrasound and a baseline mammogram (this is being done more and more, so docs know what you're supposed to look like in there, and have something to compare your age-40 photos to; I highly suggest pushing this one, and fighting your insurance if they won't cover it). Mammos have come a long way and I was not nearly as uncomfortable as I thought I'd be.

Anyway, doc got the results which basically said it's not cancer, but they couldn't tell for sure what it was, so doc sent me to a breast surgeon for a second opinion. I thought for sure she was going to want to do a needle biopsy, but no; the ultrasound she took (I even got to take a copy home with me -- wanna see 'em?) and the complete breast exam she (and the resident, as well) performed found only cystic material. However, I got the official diagnosis of "Fibrocystic Breasts", so at least it has a name.

The only concern this surgeon had was this: Apparently, she's had some women my age who come in with this kind of issue, find out it's cysts, find another lump, and chalk that one up to being a cyst, too... then, six months or a year later, when they go in for their regular appt, it IS cancer. She made me promise (duh) to call my doc if I EVER find another one or if anything changes with this one.

For the record, my girly appts are the ONLY thing I've never put off... for any reason. I was without insurance in my very early 20's, and still made sure to get those appts taken care of. So, my point is this: Do your monthly BSEs (yes, even if you're a man; men get breast cancer too), and have anything funky checked out asap. We joke about boobs, but this is serious. So, as one of my FB fan pages says, "FEEL YOUR BOOBIES!"


  1. Can I show support without joining your "FEEL YOUR BOOBIES!" myface page? :)