Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Has Sprung (and I'm not talking about flowers)

Seems little-miss-sunshine has a bee in her bonnet again... yahoo profile updates, and now, another "threat" to take me to court. I'm guessing there isn't enough going on in her own house to keep her busy, or is she just ignoring her own three kids & husband because she's so fascinated with me and mine?

Let's backtrack:
* March 16th -- she posted, "She has & will always have 1 & only 1 father, his name is M****** and is the ONLY daddy a girl ever needs for he supplies ALL she needs." (sic) Hmmm, really? So, you're telling me she needs absolutely nothing... Gotcha.
* March 19th -- I sent BD an email stating that Princess and I were going to Washington for a few days; returning Monday, and that he could call her on my cell if he wanted to reach her.
* March 20th -- I received an email asking where in Washington we were. I ignored that, figuring if HE was really that interested, he could call his daughter. He didn't...
* March 24th -- I get a forwarded email from my attorney. The wife, once again posing as BD via email (she does this a LOT), sent him, "Dear Mark, It has come to my attention that my daughter, M******* was recently brought out of state without D*** G*******-K**** giving me the proper advance notification or any idea where she would be. As you may recall, this is a direct violation of our court order. What do you offer to remedy this situation? I can of course file an action but it is such blatant disregard I thought perhaps you might have a less evasive suggestion. Thank you, M****** G*******" (sic) How about, (a) you spell everyone's names correctly (my last, as well as his and Princess's first, names were all incorrect), (b) you run the spell check and actually read what you write before sending it ("evasive"?!?! LOL!), and (c) you actually read the many (MANY!!) court orders to make sure you have your information correct? I could go on... but I won't.
* March 24th -- she posted, "Wow,You just keep pulling tighter on that noose you've made for yourself. do you feel the pinch yet?It's coming." (sic) Wow; this could be considered a cyberthreat...
* March 24th (just after she posted the above) -- Mark sent me a note asking if I wanted him to respond and seeing if there was limitation to my travel with Princess, because "he" has raised this issue before, and failed miserably.
* March 25th -- Mark (have I told you recently just how much I love my attorney?) sent, "Can you indicate which Court order you are referring to and how Ms. G*******-K****'s actions are a violation of that order? What sort of advanced notice do you believe is required and can you tell me which of the many judgments that have been entered in this case cites to this requirement? If you could please indicate which Judgment and which paragraph of that Judgment, that would be most helpful..."
* As of 530p tonight, "he" hasn't responded to Mark yet...

Last night, after a FULL one month & one week, BD called. We were at "CATS" with my mother, so he left a message. You would think she'd be surprised that it took this long to call her, but no; it's par for the course by now. At this point, it only surprises her when he does something, not when he does nothing. Manny, you were absolutely correct in your comment on the previous blog... and I love ya for that.

One more thing... Although the measly $28.15 was owed TO ME, NO LATER THAN March 13th, it actually came March 20th. Three interesting things to note: (1) The check was totally correct; all parts - SHOCKED!, (2) The check was dated March 13th - the date it was due to me, and (3) The envelope was post-marked March 20th. As usual, I copied them both for my records prior to depositing the check and recycling the envelope, then sent them to Mark for his records. It's minor, but the week-late does add to my gigantic "Court orders that BD refuses to follow" list.

Oh, and a personal note to "J" -- I know you read my blog; it's public so I would expect nothing less from you; my own personal stalker. But, seriously, grow up, live your own life, and leave me & mine alone. We're happy, and she's perfectly healthy, without you.

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  1. So seriously, how does a person have this much time to harass another person? I only have two kids and I'm tired every day.

    I mean seriously, the effort these people seem to put into neglecting Princess, they could actually raise three kids....

    Keep fighting the good fight, Dana.