Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Busy Bees

Ok, readers, I have an update again!!

First, Ace and I finally were able to get the track lighting up. He ended up using a metal-cutting bit on his jig saw to cut the holes in the medallions a little bit bigger. The only other issue we had was the multiple trips up to the attic and back down -- had to make sure everything lined up properly, and that we didn't yank too hard on the wiring by turning the lighting unit to where I wanted it. Looks GREAT!

Second, we bought new dressers & nightstands. I'm waiting to hear from my older sisters to see if one of them can pick up (& ship direct to me) the shelves we want for the living room (ladder-style, in black) from a store near their homes... Our store doesn't have the black ones anymore, and they're discontinued. The nightstands, we put together yesterday. They look GREAT! We can't, however, assemble the dressers until my friend, B.H., comes this weekend to pick up the old set. I have no room to store them! I cannot WAIT to get the old ones gone and the new ones put up.

Third, I have to give "mad propz" to the Federal government for their wage & tax garnishment systems. Because of this system, I have, for the last three (or maybe it's four) years gotten roughly $2000 or so somewhere between March and June. It's unfortunate that BD won't pay child support on his own... but I'm glad that our government can intercept refunds, unemployment (got a little of that last summer), paychecks (not that he has any right now), and the like. Tomorrow, over $2,500 goes into my bank account -- direct from his Federal tax refund. Grand total now owed: roughly $27,000.

His wife changed "their joint" yahoo profile a couple days ago to read, "We're so glad C.S. is finally adjusted to reflect reality! Now, we can finally pay a just and accurate amount." I guess only time will tell if he ACTUALLY makes regular payments (he hasn't in the past; it's ALWAYS been garnished), but I'm sure as h3!! not holding my breath...

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