Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Countdown

So, last week was super-busy. Between working, Princess's school (normal work as well as a science project), and getting things around the house done, I was a chicken-with-her-head-cut-off, so to speak... Friday culminated with polishing Princess' and my toenails with some cute artwork -- rattle, baby foot, baby's name, and a yin yang (If you're interested in photos, let me know and I'll email them to you).

The reason for all the running around, though, was because my beautiful SIL's baby shower was last weekend. T&D's second little angel is due April 13th, and contrary to their first child, we all knew the gender of this one ahead of time. For some, that makes shopping easier. Not for me; I started shopping even before they found out it was a girl.

I loveloveLOVE shopping for other people. I love giving people things they need. I love the look on their faces when they open all the gifts. Ace jokes that if he didn't keep me in check, I'd give all our money away! Actually, he's not far from the truth (although I do have specific groups and people in mind).

Saturday morning, Princess and I got up with Ace (around 630a), got the car packed, my mocha made, and headed out the door. We were about 20 minutes early picking up my mom (Spring Break traffic is awesome), and with just two stops (food & restroom), we got to T&D's exactly 5 hours from when we left mom's.

Bug practically ran to Princess, and although she gave us all a hug, she refused to leave Princess' side. She said to me that Princess is "my favorite cousin", which is of course adorable, then showed us to our room. Princess could have had her own room, but she wanted to sleep with me ("We hardly ever get to do that anymore, mom" she said). T&D had set up Bug's room with the waterbed for me, and mom got what used to be known as the "man tower"; now a guest room.

The baby shower was fun. D is a great cook, so we had couscous, some cold potato salad, and a few other goodies, as well as sausage dogs that T cooked on the grill. The weather was beautiful, and their friends were nice. D's sister, L.S. is actually the one who helped throw the shower, and their parents were both there, too. D got a ton of gifts too (I think there was only one that was "iffy"), including a sling, lots of clothes up to size 9m, blankets (my Princess even sewed one herself!!), some toys, a few things for herself (Bug and the Princess even got a couple gifts!), and some bathing items.

I got them a bunch of clothes, a book, a sippy cup, and a carseat. OMG! This carseat is awesome! It's the only one they'll need; it goes from 5lb to 100lbs!! I wish I'd had something like this when Princess was little... But, I'm glad I was able to do this, because I know they needed it.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was very relaxed. We played a lot of cards, went to the park, talked, had three meals out in "downtown", did a little shopping, and just hung out. Princess and Bug were joined at the hip for most of the weekend, as well. Bug and I even had a mock argument, "No, I'm the favorite." "No, I'M the favorite!" LOL!

Bug's a funny little character, and so well-spoken. Among the many interesting & fun things she said were these little tidbits: "Unc D**** had to work. My mom said Unc D**** had to work. That's okay; I see him soon. I love him." AND "Take that to your D***" (to the Princess). Her parents are working on teaching her family relations, like her dad is my brother (I told her he's my baby brother, like she's going to have a baby sister), and I'm her aunt but Princess' mommy. She's getting it... slowly...

All weekend, D was uncomfortable. At one point, Bug said when her baby sister comes out, she's going back in. HAHA! Um, no. I really hope the little one comes soon; I'm not sure D can hold out much longer! My bet's on Thursday... April Fool's Day... my & Ace's anniversary... and Manny's birthday! :)

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