Sunday, October 16, 2016

Life, Revisted

WHEW! I have a few things on my mind these days and it's been months since I blogged so here it goes:

We finished out the summer with a couple more concerts and hiking adventures. We also bought a kayak (or is it a canoe? I can't keep them straight...) and took it out for a maiden voyage along a local part of the Tualatin River. Our garden is doing well; we've removed a lot of the summer blooms, but replanted carrots, radishes, lettuce, arugula, peas, cauliflower, celery, broccoli, and spinach. Those are spring & fall plants, and so far, so good. We haven't been on the bike much, though. We tried to get out a couple times, but life/pain always seems to get in the way.

As mentioned, we did end up getting life insurance (well, mine is active; we're still waiting for approval of Ace's). We are going to be in the market for a new medical insurance plan, however; our Cobra runs out at the end of next month. We've warned the kids, as the older two are still covered by ours, and we've all taken care of everything we need to, with a couple exceptions. Squeeks hasn't fit in her annual Well-Woman check, Princess & I have dentist appts at the end of this month, and I am in the middle of deciding which route to go as far as my "evil baby-making parts" are concerned. Do I try a stronger/long-term hormonal method or do I go completely permanent? There are pros & cons to both; and I'm running out of time to make that decision. I'm hoping the ultrasound will help me lean one way or the other... Ace is supportive no matter which route I go, which will make recovery that much easier on me.

Our older kids are doing well; Squeeks is living with her mother again, paying a small amount of rent, and just working. She has a couple ideas about her future, and is hoping to get into a particular internship either this Fall or in the Spring that will further that end. She went back east a month or so ago for a friend's wedding, and was able to join us for The Lion King performance. GamerBoy started the next series of classes he needs for his planned career. He said one of his classes is a bit difficult, but there *is* tutoring available if he needs it. His roommate situation has changed a bit, but he was able to work out a new arrangement that works for both of them. He's also decided to start working out; UofO has a full gym available to all students at no charge, so he just has to make time.

And then there's Princess. She is taking two IB classes as well as one college prep class, is a member of four clubs (National Honor Society, Drama Club, Gay Straight Alliance, and the newly-created Feminist Club), and has started rehearsals for the first play (as she did last year, she is co-stage managing with her best friend). There is actual homework this year (not hard, just time-consuming), as well; her junior year will probably be the most labor-intensive of her high school years. She's also starting to plan for college -- last Friday, while she was in Ashland with family for their annual trip, she & my mother signed up for an official tour of Southern Oregon University ("Mom, did you know SOU has an ASL program?!??!" Yes, I did.). This week, she is taking the PSAT. And, we'll be signing up for a couple more college tours at some point this year. Who knows what her educational future holds? My job is to give her options and make sure she makes an educated decision as to what/where is the best fit for her.

Wildebeest is *STILL* pining over MG (I think he needs a nickname... I'm going to think on that one). She's still posting pics & status messages about their wedding anniversaries, his birthday, "family" activities (& by that, I mean the younger girls' cheer events that they both attend; using the opportunity to promote the idea that they're still together...hahaha), etc (but also, interestingly, how he's "cheating" on her & "destroying" their kids)... I'm sure there'll be another "Happy Birthday"/love message when he turns 39y next month. Here's something interesting, as well... seems she's not involved in Pass It On anymore. Probably still a consignor; maybe even volunteers to work/run shifts, but she's no longer listed on the website as the Volunteer Coordinator. Wonder if her PIO friends know she hasn't been with MG for almost three years (probably not; she does like to lie about that, and other things). On a related note, even though he probably won't see this, I'd like to wish MG & KC a huge CONGRATULATIONS on their recent engagement! Now all he has to do is take care of that pesky divorce...