Friday, December 17, 2010

You Brought It On Yourself

I know you guys "love" this stuff, so here's a little bio-dad and stepmom update:

Ok, so Tuesday the 7th, about 430p, this email came to me: "Just wondering if school photos were in yet, which reminded me that I have yet to receive a Halloween photo or Santa photo from you yet this year, which you had previously promised to send. Also, remind me again what size M******* wears, she said 14/16 but apparently that was incorrect. Any other ideas on what she might like for Christmas?- M***"

I responded with, "1. Your school photos, et al, were sent in today's mail. 2. She & I both told you she wears a 10 (although she's now getting into a 12) in pants, and a 16 in shirts. She does NOT like tights nor long-sleeved shirts, and loves peace symbols & (still) girly skulls. She no longer likes pink unless it's dark/hot pink; preferring blue. However, she has more than enough clothing & shoes as it is... The only thing on her wish list that we are not already giving her is a DQ Blizzard Maker and a peace-symbol Snuggie. She also loves books & music, so an Amazon gift card would be nice, as then she can buy just the songs she wants (so she can download them onto her MP3 player)."

He then called her that night (after close to three weeks without a peep), and she had to tell him about her concert on Thursday (his response: "Oh, good. Now I can come!"). She also let it slip that she has a wish list, and he asked her to have me send it to him. I told her no; I had already sent him a small list, and I was pretty sure he'd be irritated by the fact that her wish list is under one of her nicknames with my married last name. She agreed.

Sometime in between the email I got and the one I sent, SM changed their joint profile to read, "We love sharing the reason for the season,with our friends and family.God teaches us True Love &without knowing his love,you cannot truly know or give love. Learn about God's love this year, learn how to love others & start living a meaningful life!" <<-- aimed at my non-believer ways, no doubt (hypocrite, much?).

Wednesday morning, I changed my profile to read, "I find it amusing to be cyber-lectured on religion by the woman who was my ex's mistress. Religious agendas have no place in our lives. Giving is the reason for the season. Start paying down debts owed, & start living a meaningful life!"

About 2 minutes later, I got another email from her, "Thank you for the pictures, we received them today, however there were no pictures of Halloween or Santa , when will you be sending them. Additionally, I would like to remind you that M*******'s last name is G*******, not K****, please adjust all registrations to reflect her legal given name. Thank you- M***"

You're going to love my response... "Until she is 18, I would need M***'s written permission to legally change her name; I obviously have not done so. If she chooses to use K****, or G*******-K****, in any non-legal avenue, that choice is hers to make." All of this, of course, forwarded or BCC'd to my attorney.

Thursday was her Winter Concert (the one she told him about Tuesday night?)... guess who didn't show? Yeah... Friday morning, I was informed that their joint profile is gone. As in "this profile does not exist". At that point, I didn't know if she had deleted it or just made it private; I didn't find out for sure until sent another email (after sending yahoo to yahoo, there's a screen that shows all the profile updates of those you sent the email to).

Then, Friday afternoon, she sent my attorney an email (signed with BD's name, of course)... You're gonna love this: "M***- I am sure you can see how it is clearly unlawful to change my daughters name in any legal or non-legal manner and as such such not be encouraged, but in fact prohibited in every manner by your client. I have been made aware of several instances where D*** is referring to M******* (our daughter) as M******* (or C*****) K****. Please advise her to immediately change all references, registrations, and the like to reflect M*******'s legal name; M******* G*******.This is to include all sports and extracurricular activity registrations. As a reminder, your client should of course be notifying me of all such registrations within 30 days of doing so, and failure to do so is a violation of our parenting time order. Thank you, M****** G*******"

M*** then forwarded it to me, along with: "How do you want me to respond?..." Basically telling me I was right; she can be known by any name she wants, but all legal avenues must have her real name. Um, duh? Oh, and really??? "...a violation of our parenting time order."??!!? What about not paying child support? What about not paying any of the attorney fees? What about not paying your 1/2 of her medical bills? Take me to court... go ahead! I'd love to see the judge bring down the gauntlet on him.

My response to M*** was: "...Her school, her afterschool activities, her sports, and the like are always under "M******* G*******"; always have been, probably always will be. I don't think this warrants any response except, perhaps, that the only existing order regarding this matter only states I cannot change her LEGAL/GIVEN name. I clearly have not done that. -d-"

Then, yesterday morning, I had to send an email to BD about Princess doing basketball. Even though she made "their joint profile" unavailable to the public, as soon as I sent the FYI email, I saw her update, "Some people really are idiots! Christ is the reason for the seaon, thats why its called Christmas. But if giving is the reason, then why not give your daughter her father. You know nothing of giving, only TAKING!"

Stupid Christians are the worst kind... I'm sure you, my readers/friends, know the truth; Jesus was not born in December (I think the current belief is that he was born in the spring). "Christmas" was originally a pagan holiday, celebrating the rebirth of the sun ("yule" or "winter solstice"), and the Christians STOLE it. Regardless, I've said it before and I'll say it again: continually playing the victim will not get you the results you want.