Monday, August 30, 2010

Inspection Fail

Last week, the range and range hood were completely installed. All the cabinet innards went in and all the handles were placed, but when the inspector came through, he "failed" us because we were short ONE outlet. Since the fridge must be on its own, we need one more to the right of the stove (above where we have moved our 4-drawer piece).

Today marks six weeks since the day construction started. I am happy with the time frame; Ace, not so much (but, then again, he has no prior construction experience, and I do -- I tried to warn him...). The good news: Everything installed works fantastically. I'm not sure which is my favorite appliance -- the new range, the range hood, or the sink unit! The bad news: the "checklist" won't be gone over until this Thursday, with a finish date another week out. I think I can live with that.

If any of you would like to see photos of the finished kitchen (or perhaps "before" and "after" photos), let me know; I'll email them to anyone I know who doesn't have Facebook!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Counters & Power

This past Wednesday (August 18th), our countertops were installed. My biggest worry (aside from breakage - these things are HEAVY) was that the largest part of the countertops would have to have a seam in the corner. I was very happy, then, when the installers carried in only three (not four) pieces -- one for the new island, one for the cabinet between the stove & fridge, and the huge one for the left side of the stove around the corner to the left of the sink. With some countertop surfaces, depending on the pattern, you can easily hide a seam. With this particular one, it would have been very noticeable.

Thursday, the electrician and plumber were back to install: the new dishwasher, the sink, the faucet, the soap dispenser, the new disposal, and all the switches & outlets on the sink wall. The electrician was here from 850a - 11a, and the plumber was here from 915a - 130p.

I had been stressing out a bit because that was the ONE day I needed to pick Princess up from her class (45 minutes away); the rest of the week, my mother had taken care of it. I sent out an "SOS" on my FB page; J.S. (friend since junior high) came to my rescue, and was able to come out here to babysit the plumber.

I can now do dishes IN MY OWN KITCHEN (instead of the bathroom, as we've been doing), I can fill my water bottle IN MY OWN KITCHEN, and I can make my mocha IN MY OWN KITCHEN!! Can't cook in there, yet, though.

Next week is installation of the new stove & range hood, the finish details, and the inspection; then we're done! Well, until the bathroom remodel, anyway...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Almost Done

Last time, we were weighing the kitchen's east wall's paint color. After much debate, and physically putting one of the smaller cabinets first in front of a grey wall, then against a burgundy wall, we decided on grey for the whole kitchen.

So, the first Sunday & Monday of August, we painted... and painted... and painted. Those walls got two coats of primer (just like the rest of the house), then two coats of grey. By the time we finished, it was Monday, 730pm. Good timing, because...

Tuesday at 815am, our cabinet installer was here! There were supposed to be two of them, but the other had been sent to Salem for another job; our poor guy was here until 530pm! Luckily, Ace was home so I could get Princess off to soccer practice!

Wednesday, the second cabinet guy showed up about noon (had a morning job) to put my doors on and clean up the job site. Princess & I, since we couldn't go anywhere, played cards and some games, and I gave her a manicure. By 3pm, he was done (reminding me that the doors will be squared up when they return).

Thursday and Friday, the flooring installers were here. Thursday, they worked 9a-615p (I had to have one of Princess' babysitters, BB, pick her up and take her to practice), then I met up with Ace to watch the last hour of Princess' soccer practice. He makes it to at LEAST half of her practices every season; she loves when he watches her play.

Anyway, Friday, the installers were here 'til 230p. They would have been later, but since Liz didn't order quite enough quarterround (they were about 2 strips short), he put a call in for her to order a few more, and they packed it up. He said that it would be in "next week", but he'd like to wait to install it until after our countertops are in. He's seen our house go from carpeted, white painted, blah to laminate floors, beautifully painted, and awesome -- he'd like to see it finished (well, except the bathroom -- that's the next project)!

Monday, while I was working, Ace got to be home for the countertop people; they were doing their templates. I guess the guy doing it "doesn't like" the newer laser measuring tools, so does it "the old fashioned way" (by actually making a real template). Took him about an hour.

I forgot to mention, AK was here from Sunday through today... So, no projects were done; we just spent time with her. Ace got in a couple motorcycle rides with her and played some games. He also took her shopping for her two-week camp trip (starting this Sunday). Since DK finally got a job, he couldn't come up this time around, but may be able to while his sister's in camp.

The rest of this week is pretty easy - no improvement projects are planned. Friday, T&D are here with their girls for the weekend. MK plans on hanging out all weekend at her Mimi's so she can get in some "quality cousin bonding time" with Bug & Firefly. I'll be spending some of the weekend with them, ending with dinner on Sunday before they head south, to include Ace.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Just a little anecdote for now:
Princess is usually (during the summer months) lights out at 9pm. Since the weather's been nice, she's been leaving her window open (with the little lock on it, of course). She also likes her curtain left partly open, and always asks me to close it when I go to bed. A couple nights ago, I was exhausted by 945p. After doing my normal bedtime routine, it was just before 10p when I went into her room to do as she asked. At the time, our hallway light was still disconnected, and the light from my bedroom (across the hall) didn't really penetrate her room; it was dark! I crept in, shut the curtain, and turned to give her a kiss while she slept... except she wasn't sleeping. She was staring at me. The two white orbs were practically glowing, and I about jumped out of my skin. Then, we both busted up laughing, I gave her a kiss, and told her goodnight. Perhaps, in the future, I'll check to see if she's actually asleep before I go in to close her curtains...