Sunday, August 8, 2010


Just a little anecdote for now:
Princess is usually (during the summer months) lights out at 9pm. Since the weather's been nice, she's been leaving her window open (with the little lock on it, of course). She also likes her curtain left partly open, and always asks me to close it when I go to bed. A couple nights ago, I was exhausted by 945p. After doing my normal bedtime routine, it was just before 10p when I went into her room to do as she asked. At the time, our hallway light was still disconnected, and the light from my bedroom (across the hall) didn't really penetrate her room; it was dark! I crept in, shut the curtain, and turned to give her a kiss while she slept... except she wasn't sleeping. She was staring at me. The two white orbs were practically glowing, and I about jumped out of my skin. Then, we both busted up laughing, I gave her a kiss, and told her goodnight. Perhaps, in the future, I'll check to see if she's actually asleep before I go in to close her curtains...

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