Friday, August 20, 2010

Counters & Power

This past Wednesday (August 18th), our countertops were installed. My biggest worry (aside from breakage - these things are HEAVY) was that the largest part of the countertops would have to have a seam in the corner. I was very happy, then, when the installers carried in only three (not four) pieces -- one for the new island, one for the cabinet between the stove & fridge, and the huge one for the left side of the stove around the corner to the left of the sink. With some countertop surfaces, depending on the pattern, you can easily hide a seam. With this particular one, it would have been very noticeable.

Thursday, the electrician and plumber were back to install: the new dishwasher, the sink, the faucet, the soap dispenser, the new disposal, and all the switches & outlets on the sink wall. The electrician was here from 850a - 11a, and the plumber was here from 915a - 130p.

I had been stressing out a bit because that was the ONE day I needed to pick Princess up from her class (45 minutes away); the rest of the week, my mother had taken care of it. I sent out an "SOS" on my FB page; J.S. (friend since junior high) came to my rescue, and was able to come out here to babysit the plumber.

I can now do dishes IN MY OWN KITCHEN (instead of the bathroom, as we've been doing), I can fill my water bottle IN MY OWN KITCHEN, and I can make my mocha IN MY OWN KITCHEN!! Can't cook in there, yet, though.

Next week is installation of the new stove & range hood, the finish details, and the inspection; then we're done! Well, until the bathroom remodel, anyway...

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