Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quick Update

Ok, seriously, just a quick little update, since I have no time for anything else...

Flooring is laid in all bedrooms, hallway, and living room. Trim is laid only in the boy's room. Most of kids' things are in storage, save Princess' mattress, a few clothing items, book, etc, so she can sleep and function while in the midst of chaos. What didn't fit in storage is in the boy's room, as well.

Flooring peeps return Friday, so we're getting as much painting done as we can before that, as well as hanging all new interior doors. So far, the girls' room is painted (I also bought them each two double hooks -- for robes, hoodies, purses, whatever -- as well as a throw rug and new curtains), and our bedroom is painted. The boy also has a throw rug.

The utility closet has a new set of bi-folds and new hardware, and the girls' room has a new door with a fancy handle. All doors and handles will be the same with the exception of locks -- our bedroom and the bathroom get locks, only.

Sorry to cut this short, but we have more work to do! Corey wants photos, T/D already got some... anyone else, let me know!

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