Friday, May 20, 2011

Who Calls It "Fun" To Run?

This morning, Princess, along with the whole school, participated in what they refer to as a "Fun Run" to raise money to hire an AmeriCorp member for next year. This "Fun Run" is the only event that pays for the AC member, so the kids really push themselves to raise a lot of money. These men & women (it's one person every year) coordinate inexpensive after school activities for the children throughout the year and help in classrooms when needed. Plus, there are prizes for whichever class raises the most money. The prizes this year include gift certificates to the local movie theater, a pizza party, and making a human carwash to "torture" their principal!

We won't know which class is the winner until next week, but today, my princess ran/walked a WHOPPING 23 LAPS -- that's almost 3 miles! Last year, she only did 8 laps! I am so proud of her! You can donate either a $ amount/lap (1/8mile) or a flat $ amount. Either way, I owe a LOT more $$ than last year. Had she told me about it last week, instead of yesterday, I would have asked family & friends to donate... Although, if you'd like to, you CAN still donate to the school for the AC member through May 27th. Let me know; I'll send you the info.

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