Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Over, Already?!?

Yup, Spring Soccer is done. I know what you're thinking... "That was quick!" Yes, especially considering that we're used to Fall Soccer around here, which lasts from mid- to late-July through early- to mid- November! So, I don't have the official scorecards, but I seem to remember one HUGE win (7-0), a few smaller wins, a couple of ties, and two losses. Princess gained a LOT of momentum toward the end of the season, as well, and decided she'll play again in the Fall!! She understands she'll have to push herself harder than she's ever done before; her coach will no longer tolerate half-hearted play.

She will soon be a 6th grader; that is the last year of elementary school around here. She needs to think about her "activities future" and figure out if she's going to stick with soccer, or move on to something else. Middle school, and definitely high school, are NOT the time to start a new activity, so now IS the time. She's expressed a serious interest in continuing her hip hop classes (she wants to do Dance Team in high school), as well as trying volleyball, next year, so we will look into those as well (as long as they don't interfere with each other or schoolwork, of course; I'm not a parent who believes in scheduling their kid for too many things at once).

Now, though, she's taking five, 1/2 hour, swim classes at the local rec center. She'll be travelling to Canada with her Mimi this summer, and the majority of that trip is on or near the water, so a "refresher" course class was in order. Beside that, between now and the end of school, we have nothing else planned outside of school... and that's a good thing for both of us!

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