Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Was Wrong...

We've gotten two more emails, and a postcard, from Princess since the last post. On the 16th, she sent, "i miss you! Even though i am the only girl i am having lots of fun with the boys." I replied, "I am so glad you're having fun!! We miss you, too, but we're focused on work and the kitchen. Monday, they'll be here to take all the cabinets away and remove a couple of walls, so that Tuesday & Wednesday, they can run new wires & water lines! Did you remember to send Papa a "Happy Birthday" message? Continue to have fun, and I'll look forward to your next email (or just catching up when you get home, if you don't have time for more emails). LOVE YOU! -mom-" I chuckled at her response, "Yay! It is about time . Yes, I sent papa a birthday message. I hope to have fun in Hiedelburg. I love you guys! See you in a week."

In the meantime, the kitchen is proceeding nicely. Monday, the demo guys were here for about 3 hours (I quote, "Took us longer to drive here than it did to do the work!" Probably not, but still...). My kitchen is now completely gutted. Today the plumber redid all the old lines, built a box for a shut off from the bathroom to the ice maker (same water line, now it has it's own shut off valve), and ran new for a new outside faucet (which, due to the old one's shut off valve leaking, hasn't been in use for about 6 years).

Next week's plan --> Monday: flooring installers remove carpet from dining room, and tile & subfloor from kitchen, then replace all the subfloor; making sure it's all level. Tuesday: electrician works his magic. Wednesday: drywallers install new drywall to the walls currently missing it. Thursday through the weekend is left for us to finish painting...

Steve, our contractor, gave us an estimate of 4 weeks. I am estimating 6... we'll see soon!

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