Monday, July 12, 2010


So far, I've gotten two emails from Princess, and one from mom. We miss her, but not nearly as much as we did last year... But, last year, we were home and the older kids weren't being as helpful as they should have been. This time, we've had a few things to keep us busy. So far, we've been doing a lot of cleaning (and cleaning OUT), prepping for the kitchen demo. I work a full day tomorrow, so probably Wednesday and Sunday we'll be packing up the majority of the kitchen in boxes; what we don't absolutely NEED will be taken to storage.

When they first got in, we all got, "Long flights (I slept about 4 hours - M******* says she slept about 2!) - Got to hotel... at 9 am, but can't get into our room until 2 pm, so we've been wandering the streets, walking along the... River, etc. Keyboard on German computers different - Z and Y are reversed and punctuation different! More later."

Princess then sent Ace & I, "We made it here safely. I love you and miss you both - M*******," to which I replied, "We love you and miss you too. - mom & Papa" Then, I got another email this morning, "I slept for 12 hours last night, and then had another 3 hour nap this morning! I woke up at 3:25 this morning, but went back to sleep until 6. It is HOT here - Mimi dragged me to a cathedral so she could take pictures of the stained glass windows. Love, M*******" Awww, poor thing (hahaha, not).

Mom also sent (and posted as her FB status), "M*******and I slept 12 hours last night - then, after breakfast (of which she ate very little!), she slept for another three hours. Rest of group arrived about noon - turns out she's the only girl (three boys), but she says she's okay with that. Classes start tomorrow - today we ate and toured the city in the heat!" (She actually said what city, but I don't want to post that here.)

Anyway, we look forward to more emails, and I will post them here when we do get them.


  1. '...I work a full day tomorrow...' So what - three, four hours? :)

  2. No... a "full" day is 7-8 hours, jackass. :) When I just say, "I work tomorrow", THAT'S usually 5 or less. Jealous, much, bro? LOL! Love you!