Thursday, July 15, 2010

One More... And, GO!

So, Tuesday morning (equal to around noon, Germany time), I got one more email from my angelpie: "Reporting on wardrobe malfunctions! My Aeropostle shirt is too tight, and is not comfortable. So I am going to use it as a painting shirt when we paint later this week. Also, my San Francisco shirt had a rip on the right seam. Mimi hand sewed it for me, and I will machine sew it when I get back to Portland. It cooled down last night and I had ice cream twice yesterday! I also mailed a postcard to you yesterday. Guten tag!"

Obviously, Princess didn't write this one herself, but she did tell mom what to write. That was the last communication I got, and I'm sure that means she's super-busy, having a great time, and exhausted by the end of her days. During all her other overseas trips, I didn't get any communication except the "We're here!" email, so this is an improvement...

In other news, our kitchen demo starts this Monday!! We still have the majority of our things in storage, and will probably be moving a few more things there this weekend to make room for the cabinets here. We already have the new dishwasher, range, faucet unit, and all the drawer handles. Still waiting for sink, et al (back ordered, but should be here before end of month), and range hood (next week). We also need to remove everything from inside the current cabinets, & store what we don't need -- we'll do that Sunday.

Basically, the kitchen will be completely demo'd w/partial drywall removal, the plumbing & electrical will be brought up to code (including an outlet on the new island), all water damage (if they find any... and we think they will -- no thanks to he-who-installed-my-dishwasher) will be addressed, and they'll install new drywall on two walls. Ace & I will paint, and the flooring people will demo the remaining two rooms (dining & kitchen) then repair and level. After that's done, the cabinets go in, the new flooring goes in, and the countertops/sink/faucet are last!

The contractors' hope is six weeks; our personal thoughts are more like eight. We're also assuming they'll find more water damage between the kitchen & bathroom, which will push our bathroom remodel up. Not a big deal; it's a small room (less than 50 sq ft), and the last "big" inside project. I already have some ideas...

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