Thursday, July 22, 2010

Between Coats...

Yesterday, we spent the whole day prepping the house to paint the ceiling -- figured since the demo crew and the plumber finished up this week's projects early, we'd take advantage of it. Finished prepping by 7p, then had enough time (and light) to get the walls base-primed (going over other paint, pen marks, etc) and to get one coat of primer on the ceiling.

This morning, after mochas (which, btw, take a lot longer to make considering we have no kitchen -- it's like camping, but in a house), we put up another coat of primer, and cut-in the walls. I have a moment right now (between coats) to get this blog down, and have some lunch... Then, prime the walls and actually paint the ceiling. My "plan" is to paint the grey walls tomorrow, but we'll see how the day looks...

In other news, my Princess returns to the area tonight, but she gets in so late, I'm having her stay at "Mimi's" and I'll get her in the morning. She likes to paint, so she can help me tomorrow. I am looking forward to hearing all about her trip, and seeing the pictures she's taken!

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