Saturday, November 1, 2014


The Monday after we got the adoption papers in the mail, I sent Princess's school's office staff a message about it. Of course, ALL of her records needed to be changed, and she needed a new email/password & ID card. Tuesday, I sent a copy of the court order and she dropped it off to the registrar, Sarah. Princess said the her first period (that day)'s teacher was "the only one that noticed" her name change (as a memo was sent to all her teachers, the librarian, her counselor, etc). She went up to his desk after class to get her test grade, and he couldn't find her... He finally did, and asked, "Did you change your name?" She said, "Yes." He asked, "Why?" And, with a smile, she said, "My stepdad adopted me."

He congratulated her, gave her her grade, and she went to her next class. I have a feeling her other teachers *did* notice, but for whatever reason, didn't say anything. It took her a couple days to say something to her friends, too, as she was waiting to see if they noticed. Anyway, Sarah & I went back and forth a few times, trying to get everything changed over, but it is now done. One of her friends just yesterday said, "It's still weird to see you write your new name on your papers..."

Tuesday, while she was in school, Ace & I had a bunch of errands to run; one of which was our credit union. While there, I got Princess's bank account information changed over (good thing she didn't need to be there to do that). I also decided to change her deposit-only ATM card to a both-directions ATM card (can't get her a debit, as that is "credit", and you can't have "credit" accounts until age 18y). I haven't told her about that, as it is one of her birthday presents.

I also called DMV's hotline to ask what I need to bring for her to get her permit, since we don't get her new birth certificate for a while. Not a problem; I just need her old one, her school ID with her new name, the paperwork from court, her permit application, and my own ID... perfect! She's so excited; she's been studying her guide & taking practice tests for months!

Ace also took care of changing over her records at his work, my mother is in the process of changing her college fund & settlement money, and I got new address labels (with old-school Mickey & Minnie Mouse!) & business cards (monkeys on these) for her. I also called USAA (as that's who we have our home & car insurance through) to change her name on those records. There is still the matter of her social security card & passport, but those have to wait until her new birth certificate comes.

She's never been the type to get super-animated/excited about stuff; at least, not in a traditional manner. And, she doesn't really like to talk about her feelings much. I knew she was happy about this & wanted this to happen, but didn't have any outward sign of it until a couple days ago. We had carved & painted our pumpkins Wednesday night, and that morning, she said to me, "Mom, next year, we should really have the older kids join us for carving. Then we'd have more pumpkin seeds." (She really likes the roasted seeds Ace makes, but we only carved two pumpkins worth.) I said, "Older kids? You mean your brother & sister?" We've always referred to them as such, so I wasn't sure what she was getting at. Then, with a huge smile on her face, she goes, "Yes, but since I'm officially & LEGALLY part of the family, now, they're *the older kids* and I'm *the younger kid*."

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