Saturday, October 18, 2014

Long Time Coming

It's been almost 7 years since Princess's biological father and (now soon-to-be ex-)stepmonster kidnapped her from our home... and, I'm now very happy to report: After years of pain & suffering, months of waiting for MG to sign the consent, weeks for Ace's background check to come back (although, that only took 3 1/2 weeks, as compared to the "4-8 weeks" we were originally quoted), & almost a month to get the certified adoption papers... The adoption is FINAL (signed Oct 7th)!!! Princess' name change was part of that (I'm not releasing that here, as that is private and this is a public forum, but I *will* tell you that she changed both her middle and her last name), a new birth certificate is on its way, and the legal record has been sealed since she's a minor.

Part of the agreement for the adoption to go through was that I drop all of MG's financial & legal responsibility; once MB gets the Satisfactions filed, and copies sent to the appropriate departments, there will be no more child support, no more attorneys fees owed, no more requests for assistance with Princess' medical bills, etc. All the "Supplemental Judgements" go out the door... I think my first order of business will be to have a burn party... I need to track down a metal bin appropriate for the task, but I will be putting every single court order, filing, website copy, "nastygram" email, etc from the last 13+ years that has filled four 3" binders into flame, and watching it burn.

MG (& his entire family) is no longer any part of our lives (not that any of them, with a couple of exceptions, have been since the kidnapping), and that is how it will stay until & unless Princess chooses to make contact. I have one request to MG that I hope he will consider (that he has no obligation to grant): keep MB informed of any change of contact info (mailing address, email address, cell number). She has no desire to have any contact with him at this time, but if she ever changes her mind, I'd like her to be able to easily do so.

So now begins the process (a LOT less involved than mine) to change her name on her school records, social security card, bank accounts, investment accounts, passport, etc.

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