Friday, October 17, 2014

One More Step...

While I'm waiting for the final paperwork from the court, I figured I should have another chat with MB... so, yesterday, we had a meeting. We went over the draft he had prepared, regarding the Satisfactions, and how he's planning on handling it. I signed them, got a copy marked "COPY", and the originals went into the safe. Once the adoption paperwork comes back done (provided MG doesn't withdraw his consent before it does), which should be any day now, MB can finalize the Satisfactions, and we will be done.
We worded them very precisely; short & sweet, as they say, so there is no confusion. Child support -- paid in full, no further obligation. Attorney fees -- paid in full. The adoption order itself *should* cancel out all the other supplemental judgements, so there is no need to draft/sign/file/pay for a Judgement for that (and if he tries to take me to court over anything in them, the judge will likely laugh in his face, deny him, and order him to pay my attorney fees for taking up his time).

{On a related note -- MB gave me a copy of the OJIN register with all my listings on it... THERE ARE 18 PAGES OF FILINGS! MB told his assistant that not only was I his first -- outside the DA's office, where he originally came from -- Domestic Relations case, but I was also his most contentious.}

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