Thursday, November 27, 2014


Today was Thanksgiving in America, and as I do every year, I wanted to blog post a list of things I'm thankful for. This time, though, I'm doing it a bit differently. My family feast is actually on Friday every year -- my mother hosts (even though she's moved to a smaller place) -- so we spend the day doing a little prep cooking/baking for Friday's feast (I'm in charge of fudge and green bean casserole) and just relaxing. This morning, on Facebook, I decided that every post I made today would be something I was thankful for... Each post got quite a few comments & likes... This is that list:

1. This morning's "sleep in". I am usually awake by 630a or so, but this morning was able to sleep 'til 750a.
2. The laugh I get when the dogs & I wake Princess up. She growls at me, but I know she likes it; she's told me so.
3. That my daughter can, and loves to, cook. We did a bit of prepping for tomorrow's feast earlier today.
4. My daughter inherited my organization skills; we reorganized my nail art kit (which, if you must know, is a huge tackle box with lots of compartments).
5. I posted a photo of the four, 3-inch, 3-ing binders I've kept throughout the last 14+ years... Legal papers of all kinds. Today, I put them all in a box, & this weekend, I'll be burning them all. This post got all sorts of comments, some funny, but all supportive.
6. Being self employed (which allowed me to have today & tomorrow off), the incentives at Ace's work (allowing him to make more $$ & be fed on any major holiday he choses to work), & a relaxing day with my Princess.
7. Final one for this round: warm bed, under my own roof (debt-free, including the house, for almost 8 years now), & no need to get up early tomorrow either.

There are, of course, many more things I am thankful for, including the "usual suspects", but that list would be boring.

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