Monday, November 10, 2014

Birthday Week Fun

We started the week by giving Princess the Oregon Duck boots she's been asking for, because she wanted to take them to the coast. My good friend, BHF, asked months ago if Princess & a friend could accompany her, her bf, & their young daughter to one of our coastal towns; BHF had a pool tournament out there. So, I talked to KP's mom and all was set. The girls were happy they got to miss two days of school, and get paid for it. Judging by the pics she posted online, they had a lot of fun hanging out with the 2yo...

I spent part of yesterday wrapping all her gifts (along with other chores & errands we had to do). They returned last night, just in time for Princess to see Ace making dinner (steaks) and her cake (chocolate zucchini, per her request). After dinner, she unwrapped all of her presents (pics on my FB page), we had cake, and then watched OUAT & played cards.

Tonight, we're going out to dinner at one of her favorite places. Tomorrow, she's coming with me to work so I can take her to get her brows waxed (her request; Amanda is happy to do it for her), then she's off to lunch with my mother to celebrate both her adoption as well as her birthday. On our way home, we will head to the bank (to deposit birthday money) and Michael's (for some craft items she wants). Oh, and she's having her friends over next weekend, as well.

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