Friday, November 21, 2014

In Financial News

Seems MG has picked up all the paperwork, and sent it in to Child Support Enforcement --

* Back on Nov 6th, from MG to MB, "I hear the adoption is final. Do you have paperwork for me to send in to child support or are you sending it?" MB sent that to me and asked, "Should I tell him to come get them?" I told him to hold off; I wanted to chat with RP first to make sure were good to go.
* Nov 7th, RP responded to me with a short email, letting me know that she prepared a letter for CSE & would be sending it out that day. I got a copy of that Nov 8th.
* Nov 11th, MB sent him an email, noting that the Satisfactions are drafted, signed, and ready for him to pick up. MB will send a copy to CSE, and both original sets (child support satisfaction and attorney fees satisfaction) will be sent to the courthouse to be added to our records.
* Nov 20th, to RP, "I have received the satisfaction of judgment paperwork from D***'s attorney however, child support would like a copy of the adoption paperwork. Can I swing by today and pick up a copy so that I may fax it in?" (sic) RP told him that she already sent a copy to CSE, but attached a set for him to print out and fax in if he wanted to... Then, she gets "My case had been transferred to the district attorney's office, child support division on October 1st. They of course failed to forward your letter. I faxed it in." I had a little laugh at this one because it was like he was surprised it was at the DA's office... Dude, you're lucky the DA hasn't tossed your ass in jail (you can thank *me* for that, as I am the one that called them off while the adoption was processing)!!

Anyway, I just checked my online Child Support account, and it's still active (showing he still owes me over $6000, and there was a garnishment of just over $1300 (most likely from their Federal tax refund from this past year) on Sept 8th. Curious if everything will be zero'd out before or after CSE distributes some of it to me.


I also got a call yesterday from my accident attorney. After much back and forth, negotiations, multiple pictures and copies of doctor's records were shared, we finally got a GOOD settlement offer. I told him to accept. I will need to sign the consent form next week and I should have a check before Thanksgiving. My plan is to put a big chunk of it into my savings account (my plan is to buy a newer car within a year), and the rest into my personal checking, some of which will be used for Santamas gifts (including ones for the family we're sponsoring this year - as we do every year). The rest will just stay in there for my personal use.

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