Monday, June 4, 2012

Time For A Change...

Ok, you guys... seems Princess wants to spread her wings a bit. She's ready for a change of after school activities, and will not be playing soccer anymore. She's decided to try cheerleading (along with a few friends of hers)! So, I need a new name for my blog. I'm thinking something along the lines of "Adventures In Pom Poms" or something... Looking for you guys to give me some suggestions!! HELP!


  1. Why not just use life of a cheer mom?

  2. Cheer Me On!
    Cheering In The Rain! (sorry just because its Oregon)
    Life in the Cheer lane!
    How I Became a cheer Mom
    Ok I can't think of any more and these are very cheesy. I was trying to think of something with bows, ribbons and pom poms.
    Good Luck

  3. I had a bunch, and I can't remember them all, but I'll try (and sorry if you think they are too cheesy):
    Pom Poms and Megaphones: The life of a Cheer Mom
    Glitz and Glam: The Life of a Cheer Mom
    Cheer up!
    Eat, Sleep, Cheer!
    Jump, Stunt, and Tumble!
    A Cheer Mom's Virtual Megaphone

  4. The cheerleading pyramid. ? LOL
    The Hillsboro cheer blog.
    Go, Fight, Blog!
    We've got spirit, yes we do!
    B-L-O-G, blog!
    -OR- any other stereotypical cheers and chants. LOL