Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bathroom, Revisted

After the initial sticker shock at the labor bid for the bathroom (labor, alone, was going to be more than our whole kitchen remodel was!), we decided we'll have Home Depot do the cabinets for sure... Possibly also the shower construction (we want to go with WEDI products, but local distributors only sell to licensed contractors). We went in to talk to our new designer (Julie took a new job outside the company), Gwen. We chose the same cabinets we have in the kitchen -- Cherry, Bordeaux stain, Savannah style doors. We ordered: two stacked cabinets, slightly different sizes, to fit into the linen closet spacing (same as the pantry space in the kitchen), with all six shelves changed to pull outs on rollers. We chose a vanity cabinet a little deeper & taller than the current (12yo) one, bigger drawers but less of them. We also chose a "valet cabinet" for over the toilet. This one is also bigger than the current one. All doors & drawers will have soft-close. This is now standard; when we did the kitchen, it was extra (and yes, we got them; totally worth it). Once we added it all up, it came to almost $3000, but then they were running a deal. If you spent between $2500-$2999, you get $400 off. Woot!
After all that, we put the bathroom on the backburner so we could focus on Princess' graduation ceremony & trip to Australia, Squeaks' last days at school & a visit (plus, she wants to buy the truck, so we had to get some stuff done to it), as well as my own work space's remodel. Ace (with some help from Princess & I) built me a custom polish rack (my design, his hard work), and helped me put some of the bigger pieces together/up. Details of that job will be posted on my other blog, here.

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