Saturday, June 23, 2012

The "New" DMV

The last time I got a new driver's license was the day I took my nail tech exam. I remember clearly, because, since my new certificate from the school didn't match my current (at the time) DL, I had to go get a new one. That was 8yrs, 2mnths ago... Two months ago, I got my renewal notice in the mail. The list of required documents is kinda ridiculous, but it was to be expected, as all states are cracking down on illegal immigrants getting legal IDs. In reading the laundry list, I discovered that instead of my certified birth certificate, social security card, first marriage license, divorce decree, second marriage license (you know, 'cuz I've changed names each time) -- you only need your passport (since the passport issuing offices already got that information). So, all I needed was current DL, passport, and the renewal notice itself (which served as my proof of address). Then, I discovered that the "quicky" (Renewal) office close to me shut down last month; permanently. Argh. So, I look up the address of the next closest one. Oh... not too much farther! Here's where DMV gets "mad propz" from me: You walk in, grab whatever paperwork you think you need, use the counter space to fill out your forms, and stand in the first line. First line took 10 minutes (time would be contingent upon what time of day you go, of course; I went at 1030am on a Tuesday). At the end of that line is the "Information Desk". Dude at the desk looks over what you have to make sure you have what you need to proceed. If you do, you move on with a printed number. If you don't, you get sent home to get the rest of what you need. No more waiting in DMV for hours, only to discover you don't have all your documents! The second part is broken up like this: If your ticket has an "X" on it, that indicates you have a quick (express) service (like renewing your driver's license); you stand in one line. Chances are, you'll be through the line faster than it would take them to call your number. If your ticket has a "T" on it, that indicates you're taking a test (that's its own express line). Everyone else, sit down & wait. I, obviously, had an "X" on my number (good thing, too, since my number was 165, and they were on 104 when I got there). I was in the second line for roughly 30 minutes. The woman at the counter was very friendly (another nice change), complimented me on my nails (love that), and sent me to the picture-taking dude. That took maybe 5 minutes, I got my temp license, and we were done! So, grand total, we were only there for less than an hour. I get the real one in about a week. Welcome to the NEW DMV!

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