Wednesday, June 6, 2012

That's It

Blog name changed! Here are some interesting tidbits, though, regarding this seemingly easy name change. (1) I had a LOT of views, but very few suggestions. I already know most people are just stalkers (the Wildebeest, for one), but I currently have over 80 views on that *one* blog post, and only FOUR people who suggested anything. Future reference -- when someone ASKS for your opinion, PLEASE do them a favor and give it! (2) I posted the link to that specific blog three times. The comments from my FAMILY members were the rudest. In a way, that actually doesn't surprise me, but it *does* piss me off. One comment in particular -- "I'm thinking, 'I got a life and stopped living through my child.' " was the most rude. I don't live "through" her; I live "with" her. Being Princess' mom IS a HUGE part of my life... driving her to & from her activities, being there for practices & games (in her whole life, I've missed 3 games; good record if you ask me), helping to plan parties, arranging snacks & drinks, volunteering, helping with homework & science projects, teaching her life skills, and so much more. *YOU* are not a parent, you obviously have no clue how much of life is taken by being an active part of your child's life... and I wouldn't change it for the world. Also, a note: Obviously you don't even read my blog, since that is your viewpoint on it, and me. (3) Since I didn't get much helpful assistance in choosing a new name for this blog, I posted a request for help on one of my FB groups (a beauty-related one, most of the time). Most of those responses were helpful suggestions... but in the end, I like "Adventures In POM POMS". Oh, one quick note; Princess has decided on a new spelling for one of her lesser-used nicknames, and that it will be her most-used (by her friends, at least) from now on (since she's starting a new stage in her life, what with cheerleading, middle school, and makeup...

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