Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Update

So, this weekend did not go as originally planned...

The biggest thing: T & his family was missing from my mom's Friday Feast. You see, his father-in-law was rushed to the hospital for (without going into detail; if you know my brother or sister-in-law, you should already know what's going on) some serious medical issues.

At first, it was just D, Firefly, & D's sister (LS). Then, it got more serious, so on Wednesday, T & Bug drove to where everyone else was & ended up staying for the weekend. Of course, that meant that we were four people short for our feast. That was the first thing.

Then, with them not at mom's for the weekend (as they usually do), Princess was a bit lost without her young cousins to hang out with. Instead of staying at Mimi's for the whole long weekend, she came back & forth with me.

Saturday morning, there was no Santa at Macy's... I suppose I could have taken Princess by herself, but a 12yo getting Santa photos by herself? A bit on the "ehhhh" side. So, we slept in instead, had a nice quiet morning, and picked up one of her friends instead.

Bug & Princess were also supposed to accompany Mimi to a ballet rendition of A Midsummer Night's Dream (which Princess has seen in Ashland during the Shakespeare Festival -- the best way to see Shakespeare, if you ask me!). Princess & KP had a great time (but Princess still missed Bug), and got to decorate the gingerbread house (Princess made the dough, Mimi baked & frosting/glued the house together).

Squeeks was able to time her transit ride to coincide with the girls' return; leaving Mimi free to have dinner with DLW & JK. After I dropped KP off at her house, we went home to pick up some money & fudge, drop of Squeeks, and be picked up by my friend ShaM for our monthly BUNCO night out (good night; Princess & I both won $$!).

Sunday, Squeeks & Ace went to have Squeeks' "school" pics taken (holy crap; she's a beauty!) while Princess went with Mimi to prep & serve chili, etc at her church (reminder -- Ace & I do not believe in any god/deity, but we believe religion is a personal choice, so we encourage Princess to experience it & make her own, educated, decision).

The rest of the afternoon was spent putting up our SANTAmas (a future blog will explain my use of this word) decorations inside the house. With our new (skinnier/taller) tree, the house seems to not be as packed full of decor... or maybe it's just that we don't have the lights up yet. :)

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