Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not Quite a Teen...

My baby girl turned 12 today... I've said it before, but I think it bears repeating: I don't feel older with my own birthdays; I feel older with hers. Every year, I look back at how she's grown over the past year... and every year, I watch her turn more & more into a wonderful person.

She's kind, funny, smart, beautiful... she loves small kids; taking opportunities to spend time with them & teach them. She loves her sister, Squeeks; even when they bicker, you can hear them laughing 10 seconds later. And, of course, she loves us - her parents; reminding Ace & I every day just how much.

Friday I had the day off work so I took the opportunity to get all the laundry done & do my nails in a birthday design. We also met up with my nephew; in town from Alabama for a long weekend. With my mom, we had dinner and a nice visit. I then drove him to his cousin's house. That man is about 50% his father (my eldest brother). The rest is kind, mature, and full of potential!

Saturday was Princess' last soccer game of this season. Her aunt & uncle (S&G) came to watch, and brought her some gifts (CD, money, gift card). Her bio & MKG -- older of the two half-sisters, also her favorite of the three -- came, but were late. They brought her some gifts; as usual, the clothing didn't fit, but the rest was obviously bought after checking her wish list.

We came home, dropped off her gear & those gifts, then we celebrated Princess's birthday by taking her & a couple of her friends to the coast. The girls had a blast, even though we were only there for one overnight. We walked the strip mall, played games, and of course went down to the beach. She also got a couple gifts from her friends (girly stuff like lotions & perfume, and a gift card). It was quite stormy, but that's just how we like it! We even had the Pig 'n Pancake crew sing/embarrass her!

We got back this afternoon and dropped her friends off at their homes, then came home & unloaded our stuff. Princess wanted to go out for dinner, then she got to unwrap her gifts from us. Since she now has her own room, we decided it was time for a new bedding set -- peace symbols using the turquoise & lavender color scheme her room already has. She also got a headphone adapter (so her Sony earbuds will work with her cell phone's jack), green piggy flip flops (from Angry Birds), an Amazon gift card (for more music), and some clothes.

Next weekend, we're planning on having a few more of her friends over here, since she couldn't have them all come to the beach. Should be fun!

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