Friday, November 18, 2011

Once More... With Feeling!

If you'll remember, back on the 1st of this month, I openly requested contact information of Princess' bio's side of the family, knowing full-well that Princess' stepmother reads all my blogs and hoping (for once) she would do the right thing, and share the information. Since that was ignored, I also sent a PM to Princess' bio via text, and two other family members on his side through Facebook.

Only ONE was answered; claiming not to have any. Whether *that* is true or not, this is my fifth, and final, request for any & all contact information for all members of the G-family. I know of AT LEAST five people who have moved, one that has a pregnant girlfriend, and one that has remarried. Here's the kicker... most of them LIVE IN TOWN! Screw you.

So, here it is: I will no longer be sending any card to any G-family member: "c/o K**** J******" in Aloha... If a G-family member wants Princess to send a Santamas card and maybe even a current photo, MG will give my current email address to them so that they may send their current contact information to me. If I don't have the current contact information for a person/family by the time I sent cards out, we will not send a card.

And, a note to every G-family who hasn't bothered to make one iota of an effort in the last four years: You can blame me all you want to, but I didn't cut off contact. I haven't moved. I haven't changed my phone numbers. I haven't chosen one (selfish) blood relative over another INNOCENT one. So screw you, too. You don't deserve to have her in your life.

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