Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give Thanks

Last year's list. This year's list:

1. My friends, old & new.
2. My animals. We lost Roxie this past year, and that crushed me...
3. My home; paid off completely five years ago, and almost done being upgraded (just gotta finish up the bathroom).
4. My career, the success I'm having with it, & the flexibility it gives me for home life.
5. My clients, old & new.
6. My SKs. Gamerboy has come a LONG way in the last year; he's mature, responsible, smart, and has plans for his life. Squeeks is still struggling with her mother; we just continue to offer support. Only six and a half months until she can get out from under the thumb of that woman.
7. My husband. We've been through some crap, I'll tell you. But, he's my rock, and he works very hard to make sure we're well taken care of. He's working today because he can. Holidays aren't necessarily celebrated on their designated days... and that's okay.
8. My daughter. In her 13 years of life (so far), she's had some terrible things happen to her; things no one should ever have to go through. In spite of everything, she is happy, healthy, and very loved; and she knows it.
9. Food on my table. There are a lot of people who go hungry. I am not one of them.
10. My health, and that of those around me.
11. My beautiful nieces, Bug & Firefly. Those two continue to amaze me. They are smart, and oh so sweet to each other, and adore their cousin!
12. My mother. She is way too nosey, smothers my daughter (& me) at times, & pisses me off on a regular basis... but life without her in it would never be the same.
13. My parents. My dad & smom are wonderful people. They raised us to be self-sufficient, independent, loving, & responsible people. We all have become successful because of their gentle pushes during our childhood.
14. The rest of my family -- "adopted", married-in, &/or birthed. MWAH!
15. Facebook -- for helping me to find lost friends and family I didn't even know existed.
16. Chocolate & coffee -- two things I wouldn't want to ever have to give up.

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  1. Hey there! This is LK. I deleted my fb, but I am going to keep a blog, and if you want to follow it, please do! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!