Friday, November 16, 2012


Many friends have told me lately that I have "the patience of a saint". I don't look at it that way, but I can see why they'd say that - we've been without a bathroom for many months. A few have even said something to the effect of "I would have hired a pro by now." Well, it's a good thing they aren't married to my husband.
Here's the thing: Would you REALLY have? Would you have called the pros in, essentially telling your husband that you don't have faith in his abilities to get the job done? Who cares if it takes longer doing it yourselves than it would take a pro? It also costs a LOT less. I'd rather take more time trying to get as much done as we can do ourselves, then when we've decided we can't or don't want to do any more, THAT'S when we call in the pros.
Which is where we're at now. After two failed attempts at laying down the leveling compound (I believe the manufacturers are in cahoots with flooring installers; the directions on the bags are NOT accurate), we called the company we bought our flooring from, and they sent out their installer to do it for us.
At this point, Ace started contemplating the oncoming winter weather, and his own skills, and decided it's time to call in the pros. However, we're NOT hiring a GC; we want specific small/local company(ies) who can finish the work. We're almost done. All that is left is: finish installing floor, install cabinets & toilet, install Hardibacker & tile, & finish the drywall/tape/mud/paint.... and the only things we want a pro to do is the floor, tile work, & tape/mud (maybe paint). The rest we can, & will, do ourselves.
So, now we are on the hunt... With the help of Angie's List, we will soon find a pro or two to finish our bathroom, knowing that we did most of it ourselves.

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