Thursday, December 6, 2012


Ace was finally able to finish sanding down "that little hump" (one that turned into almost a month's worth of weekends full of cement dust and very sore backs, necks, & shoulders). This means we can move forward!! We are now ready to call the flooring people. My job, tomorrow if I don't get a client, is to make the floor plan (with a huge roll of construction paper), so we know exactly how to cut the vinyl.

We also went through Angie's List to try to find someone to finish the drywall/taping/mudding/sanding/painting, and someone for the tile job... but they either didn't return our calls or they did, but aren't taking new projects right now. Fine... still don't want to go through a GC, so as I drive to & from work, I take note of specialty trucks with those two businesses on them. We'll check them out, and find SOMEone; hopefully soon.

In holiday-related news, a lot of the ex's family members no longer are in my address book... After years of sending a card (and most of them got a photo of Princess, too) without any acknowledgement, I removed them all from my book last year. When I asked Princess if she wanted to send a card to her father in the envelope with her photo (since he didn't have school photos taken -- which she doesn't like doing for him, anyway -- I am giving him the spare 10" X 13" I got in a package deal), she made a face & whined.

I said, "Is that a no?" She said, "Blah" and grumbled something. I said, "Why don't you want to send your father a card?" She answered, "Because then I have to write 'To Dad', and he's just not." I asked, "He's not your dad?" She said, "Well, he's my blood dad, but he's not my dad who's there all the time. Papa is." "Oh... I get it. Ok. Your choice." Yet another sign of his failures to her...

Regardless, I still have a huge stack of cards to get to; about half of which get pics (and I haven't cut them yet!)... so, off I go!

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