Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cheer Report

Yesterday was the area Youth's "JAMBOREE". These are (for each level) three, 1/2 hour, games. Princess has played in Jamborees before, but that was as a soccer player... now, she's cheering for the 7th grade boys' football team. The good news, according to the girls, is that their shells aren't ready (the "shell" is the vest part of their uniform; we're waiting for this year's "H" to be sewn onto them), so they got to wear their practice uniforms (which consist of black shorts and blue tee shirts with the school's name, then "Youth Cheer" on the front). It was 83` yesterday...

This was the craziest, most disorganized, Jamboree I've ever been part of (everything was running behind, so the last of the three games got cut short at the half, plus the bleachers were off-limits, etc), but I did like the fact that they had snacks & water available. They also had school gear for the three teams playing (window decals, sweatshirts, tee shirts, water bottles, etc). I've already ordered a window decal, and will be buying Princess a sweatshirt directly from the high school.

Interesting things to note:
1. She technically has THREE uniforms -- the practice one, the traditional one, and "warm ups" (like a track suit, for colder weather). Ace was teasing her about being one of the pack; no longer an individual.
2. I had attended just about every practice & game when she was playing soccer, but she asked that I not come to practices for cheer. She wanted the first time I saw them to be a surprise.
3. She's better at cheering than she ever was at soccer. I asked how she liked it, after the Jamboree, and she said, "I think I'll be doing this again next year." I told her to hold off making that decision until it's time to sign up for next year.
4. The girls get into the high school's Friday night home games free if they wear their uniform (they're "encouraged" to attend these Varsity games).
5. The girls must wear their uniforms to school on Fridays of their own home games.
6. The only approved polish for games is "clear or natural french" (as a nail tech, this kills me), but they can have any color(s) they want in their hair (as long as it fits into a high ponytail or they have a bob -- approved game hair styles).

Not sure how many games I'll be attending, considering she's a side-show performer, instead of the main act, but we'll see. At least the games are still free at this age.

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