Thursday, August 9, 2012

Moving Right Along...

After deciding what type of flooring we wanted, we went into our local Floors With Flair! to choose exactly which vinyl floors we're putting into our bathroom. We happened to find one with almost the EXACT same look as the tile we loved. Here's the thing, though... FWF sells their flooring in 12 foot wide sections. One problem -- our bathroom, although measuring 10 1/2 ft by 5+ ft, lays the "wrong" direction. I want the tiles to lay "long" (the pattern we chose is a staggered, 12" X 24", look). So, we could have either ordered twice as much as we really need, or we could just order a 12' X 6' piece & have it lay in the "wrong" direction (for my sense of aesthetics).

During the discussion, Karen (the customer rep) left us alone for a few minutes. I was all set to just let it go; get the smaller piece and live with it the "wrong" way... I already had the cabinets, sink, toilet, etc I wanted. So, Karen came back, and Ace said, "We'll go with the bigger piece. She'll hate it if we do it the other way." He looked at me and said, "You know you will, and besides, we're already saving a ton by doing it this way instead of with the tile & the heating." Well, that's true. Plus, we can always offer up the other piece for sale on Ace's work site, if we don't find use for it in the garage.

We then went in back and talked to their installer. He answered Ace's questions about the old flooring, etc, then Karen went to write up our order. Since we can install this ourselves, the grand total for flooring & misc materials to lay it came to just over $500. Karen even marked down the price/sq ft because (1) we've shopped there before, (2) we've sent others there, and (3) Ace asked about a work-based discount (his company gets discounts all over this area). The best news so far: it was supposed to take a week to ten days to come in; they called us two days later. This is what we've chosen.

Aside from that, Ace & I finally figured out lighting: A fan/light unit, centered in the room, becomes our main lighting. I'm hoping Ace decides to do a double, sideways, rocker switch (the model of fan/light we chose has a regular light and a nightlight) at the bathroom entry. The unit itself has both a motion sensor (within 10ft - that's great) and a humidity sensor. No timer, no on/off switch... it's all automatic. AND, the best part, Ace can wire it himself. Now, the vanity will have its own light (this small one we found at IKEA), on a switch next to the vanity.

The linen closet & the over-toilet cabinet are gone... everything from all the cabinets are now in boxes. We are kid-free 'til either Sunday or Monday, but both of us work through Saturday, so it looks like we'll be picking up the flooring on Monday, and going from there.

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