Thursday, August 2, 2012

What A Pain

I know you've noticed that there hasn't been a bathroom update since almost two months ago... but there's a good reason. We were first, recovering from sticker shock and second, trying to figure out where to scale back and what we can do ourselves. After A LOT of discussion (and some not-so-welcome "advice") we ordered the cabinetry, and took a break from everything else.

While stewing on the bathroom, I got my studio redone (see photos HERE -- certificates, photos, price list, etc are not up yet, though), and went on a mini-vaca with my mother & sisters (Portland to Seattle to Victoria BC to Vancouver BC). That was a LOT of travel in so few days, so when I returned, I mentioned to Ace that I thought a long weekend trip, just the two of us (perhaps for our 10th anniversary?) Portland-Seattle-Victoria-return would be fun... on the motorcycle.

I returned from my trip and focused on work (close to 40 hours this week), so I could catch up. But, two days ago, we finally sat down again and made a plan. Here's the thing -- just because we *can* (technically) afford $22,000 estimated in labor, alone, doesn't mean we're *going* to spend that much. Labor for a remodeled (as beautiful as it was going to be) 45 sq ft bathroom should NOT cost more than the WHOLE remodel of a 100 sq ft kitchen!

So, grumbling, we scrapped the majority of the original plan. I told Ace in the beginning that my absolute, must-haves, were cabinetry that matched the kitchen, my special-order faucet, round/push-button/soft-close toilet, and more lighting. We have in our possession: cabinetry that matches the kitchen, my special-order faucet, a round/push-button/soft-close toilet, a simple white vessel sink with hardware, a 30" round mirror, and a few other bits.

Yesterday, Princess & I emptied out all the cabinetry into boxes -- rarely used stuff on the bottom, every day stuff on the top. Then, after trying for 30m to maneuver the old linen closet out of the bathroom in one piece (impossible without removing the door & jamb), Ace got out the small sledgehammer. It's now laying in 8 or 10 pieces in my backyard. Pretty sure the old vanity won't need to be destroyed, though! :)

Today, we went on a flooring search. Originally, we chose a 12" X 24" slate. It was to be heated (of course), and also be used as the shower surround. The shower floor was to be a flattened river rock type (not painful for tender feet). Yes, we COULD do all of this ourselves, but the time involved to redo the majority of our own bathroom wouldn't be worth the money saved... we only have ONE bathroom! The choice is now a high-quality vinyl floor, in a 12" X 24" slate look. Super-easy to install, and no need for heat.

Next search is lighting. I *think* we'll do something small (6" version of what my daughters' overheads are, or a 4" recessed, or something else) in the bathroom entry area. We're DEFINITELY getting a combo fan/light unit (the current one is fan only, and loud!) and replacing the vanity lighting with something more modern. We are still undecided about a solar tube over the shower.

We decided against the full-shower idea, and decided that the tub will be refinished, and we'll probably buy enough tile & supplies to just redo the surround (no heat necessary there, either). That, of course, means glass doors... BUT, not your typical ones. Oh, no. We're still going to do the frameless one we chose before. Since we're keeping the tub, the frameless doors will just be smaller (and a little bit cheaper).

I have four days in a row off next week, during which Ace & I will get some of this work done. Photos will be posted as we move along, on my Facebook page. At the end, I will post another blog with "before" & "after" photos, as I did with the kitchen remodel.

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