Monday, August 20, 2012

First Concert

Mine was NKOTB. My mother bought three tix; one for me, one for her, and one for a friend. I can't even remember who the friend was now... Ace's was "Great White" with a couple of his friends. Both were at the age of 17.

Princess was supposed to go see Miranda Cosgrove with KP when she was at the county fairgrounds last month. KP's mom put off buying tix for a couple weeks, then decided they were going to spend time as a family and go watch Monster Trucks & the Demo derby. Glad I didn't buy her a ticket, because I would have had to go with her. (shudder!)

Ace's friend posted on his FB a couple days ago that his friends had some emergency and couldn't go to the upcoming concert. So, Ace asked if I wanted to go. I said, "Sure! But, maybe you should take Princess." Turns out, there were actually THREE tix available, so we all got to go.

We had gone to Ace's company picnic for a few hours earlier in the day, came home for an hour to snack, change, and feed & let the dogs out, then headed to his buddy's house (a guy he went to HS with, who now lives less than an hour north of us -- and very close to the amphitheater), to pick *him* up. His wife was very happy she didn't have to go (I guess she's not a fan, but didn't want the ticket to go to waste).

The opening band, "The Treatment" was okay... a bunch of 19yo kids from England whose sound guy turned the higher-pitched guitar up too high. Not even sure how they got chosen for this tour. We were all sitting at this point, and only about 3/4 of the audience was full. We had 200-level seats, but the amphitheater isn't huge, so we had great seats.

So, Motley Crue came on about 730p, and played for a little over an hour; no encore. It was about 1/2 stuff I knew, and 1/2 stuff I didn't, but the show itself was awesome. Lots of fire, fireworks, and laser lights. Tommy's drums were mounted on a big metal circle thing and a few times, he went up & around (like part of a roller coaster ride). At one point, he pulled a (very drunk) guy up from the audience & let him ride too.

At this point, Princess had to pee & was hungry for dinner, so Ace & his buddy took her to get food & to go to the bathroom (they left just before MC's last song was finished, so beat the crowds by a minute or two). They brought back pizza for all of us.

KISS came on a little after 9p. Their show was also about 1/2 & 1/2 songs we knew/didn't, and lasted over an hour & a half. Cool parts included fire, fireworks, Paul Stanley coming by zip line into the middle of the audience (onto a small stage that came up from the ground) to play a little closer to some of us for a couple songs, and when Gene rode up (via cable) to the top of the scaffolding to play a bit.

Princess was really enjoying herself (especially the songs she knew), but by 9p, she was tired (her normal bedtime is 930p) and her feet were sore (from two days, 4 hours each, of cheer practice), so she was sitting for about 1/2 of KISS's show. By the time we got out to our car, it was 1130p. She fell asleep in the car pretty quickly. I felt bad that I had to wake her when we got home, but neither of us can easily carry her anymore (she's over 100lbs).

I was in bed by 1230a, and Ace came to bed about 2a. This morning, though, none of us slept past 9a... and Ace said to Princess, "We've now ruined you for any pop show you will see in the future. You're welcome."

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