Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just Like That... It's GONE!

The bathroom, I mean. Yes, literally. Over this past weekend, we completely demolished the rest of the bathroom. Toilet - removed, vanity - out, shower surround - gone, tub - POOF, subfloor & linoleum - history! Found some water damage, and proof of some shoddy repair work, which we'll fix/correct as we go.

We also changed plans a little. We decided that a new tub would be nice, especially since when we removed the old one, we discovered some rust issues (classic porcelain on metal style)... and not much more than refinishing the old one. Anyway, Princess decided she wanted to help, so we gave her a mask, some safety goggles, & a pair of work gloves... and set her to work. She did great!

For two days, we've lived without an inside toilet (thank you, Honey Bucket!) or shower (thank you, multiple friends who've offered use of their facilities)... We suspect we'll be without for at least a month. Here's a photo of our bathroom, almost fully gutted (notice there are still the damaged T&G planking; we're replacing those):

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